Rep. Luis Gutierrez arrested at White House during protest over one million deportations under Obama

Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez was arrested Tuesday afternoon outside of the White House during a rally against current immigration policy.

Gutierrez joined other immigration reform advocates to call attention to one million immigration deportations since President Obama took office.

“The President says Republicans are blocking immigration reform and he’s right, but it doesn’t get him off the hook,” Gutierrez said in a press release. “Everyone knows he has the power to stop deporting DREAMers and others with deep roots in the U.S. and we think he should use it.”

The congressman was arrested around 5 p.m. with ten others and fined $100. He was released around 6 p.m and was able to return to Congress in time to cast a final vote that day, his press secretary told reporters.

According to Gutierrez, Obama could slow the rate of deportations by staying proceedings against parents with children who are citizens, by ending the Secure Communities program, and by ending the E-Verify system used by employers.

The congressman was also arrested at a 2010 immigration protest outside of the White House and was arrested twice in Puerto Rico during protests against the U.S. military’s use of Vieques Island as a bombing range.

Gutierrez lamented in a press release that, “As the White House frequently brags, President Obama has now deported more people than any other president in history.”

  • Wetback

    fair reported that five billion gazillion dollars are being spent on us! seventeen gajillion qudrillion illegals are in the usa! fair has the best accounting firm ever. why us illegals are taking all the jobs and all the 535,000 us citizens are suffering! the people really suffering are the ceo’s of major corporations, because the illegals are also taking their jobs! what an outrage! ilegals are taking over brain surgeons and fashion models. illegals everywhere as the eye can see. thanks fair! for being a truthful bigoted organization! we need more organizations like yours!

  • brittanicus

    Either party, Democrat, Republican are completely ignorant or just intentionally remain unconcerned about the massive expenditures for pandering to the illegal alien invasion. The federal debt ceiling and all 50 States have huge deficits from the illegal immigration occupation. Schools, health care and programs that is reducing America to a pauper nation. You as the American people must start yelling at the politicians in Washington, to demand they recognize that this issue is part of the discretionary spending. Only Rep. Michele Bachmann R-MN) Leader of the Tea Party Caucus, speaks out about this issue, with a conviction that this is part of our national issues. Bombard them with you voices, tell them no Amnesty, No Immigration Reform, no Sanctuary cities or States and No Dream Acts.

    This needs to be repeated that When (Fair) analyzed the cost of illegal immigration and its nationwide deficit, they came up with a stunning figure of $113 billion dollars annually, while illegal alien revenue to the government coffers was a total amount of $13Billion dollars and change. Not included in these illegal foreign labors is wages leaving the country to foreign nations, estimated to be 46 Billion dollars? Our economy is sinking and the Obama administration is insisting on passage of another Amnesty failure. Heritage Foundation has stated that cost for processing another Amnesty expenditure is another 2.5 Trillion dollars,

    Break down of revenue to support illegal migrants and illegal immigrants.
    Federal Expenditures on Illegal Aliens

    Education Title 1 program $1,332,900,000
    Migrant education program $236,900,000
    Title 111 program $538,000,000

    Education Subtotal $2,107,800,000

    Medical Emergency medical care $250,000,000
    Fraudulent use of Medicaid $1,235,000,000
    Medicaid cost of childbirth $1,238,100,000
    Medicaid for children $1,626,800,000
    other medical outlays $1,600,000,000

    Medical Subtotal $5,949,900,000

    Law enforcement Scaap compensation $330,000,000
    Federal incarceration $678,400,000
    Byrne grants $24,300,000
    Detention and removal $2,545,000,000
    Project safe neighborhoods $39,500,000
    Residual ice functions $2,824,000,000
    Exec. Office of immigration review $222,500,000
    Southwest border prosecution $33,000,000
    National Guard $642,000,000
    Coast Guard $500,000,000

    Law Enforcement Subtotal $7,838,700,000

    Public assistance Free and reduced meal program $2,264,600,000
    Temporary assist. Needy families $1,030,000,000
    Housing assistance programs $637,000,000
    Child care & development fund $633,000,000
    Public Assistance Subtotal $4,564,600,000

    General expenditures $8,184,400,000

    TOTAL $28B, 645,400,000

    State/Local Expenditures on Illegal Aliens ($ M)

    Alabama $298 Illinois $4B,592 Montana $32 Rhode Island $278
    Alaska $139 Indiana $608 Nebraska $262 S. Carolina $391
    Arizona $2B,569 Iowa $350 Nevada $1B,191 S. Dakota $33
    Arkansas $244 Kansas $442 New Hampshire $123 Tennessee $547
    California $21B,756 Kentucky $280 New Jersey $3B,478 Texas $8,878
    Colorado $1,451 Louisiana $224 New Mexico $608 Utah $453
    Connecticut $957 Maine $41 New York $9B,479 Vermont $38
    Wash D.C. $312 Maryland $1B,724 N. Carolina $2B,063 Virginia $1B,905
    Delaware $305 Massachusetts. $1B, 862 N. Dakota $32
    Washington State $1B, 510; Florida $5B,463 Michigan $929,
    Ohio $563 W. Virginia. $31; Georgia $2B; 399 Minnesota,
    $744 Oklahoma $465 Wisconsin $883.Hawaii $155 Mississippi.
    $106 Oregon $705 Wyoming $51, Idaho $188 Missouri $338,
    Penn. $1B,378



    Category federal State/local

    Income -$2,302,800,000 $244,200,000
    Social security $7,000,000,000
    Medicare tax $1,637,100,000
    Excise and miscellaneous $2,489,700,000
    Employer (FUTA & income) $632,600,000
    Property tax $1,378,000,000
    Sales tax $2,333,000,000
    If you as a taxpayer wants to keep paying financial support for 20 million illegal aliens outlaws, then you deserve higher taxes and loss of jobs. Read the projections of future years if our borders remain unsecured, or no tracking system for 40 percent of visa over stays, who disappear and all take American workers jobs. Go to the Heritage Foundation website, NumbersUSA or Judicial Watch and read for the dollar figures that will turn your stomach sour. This is a patriotic chance to help your fellow jobless countryman by Calling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121


  • katz

    Every illegal immigrant working with a false social security number is a participant in identity theft, and every one working for cash is breaking labor laws and evading taxes. How are these not criminal acts? Who votes for these idiots! Hey Gutierrez is that what you teach your children? Do you teach them its ok to go to another country and break their laws if they don’t like them? Your a disgrace to our country and our government! Go to Mexico and tell that president and his people what to do!

  • BarkhornXX

    >>”Gutierrez joined other immigration reform advocates to call attention to one million immigration deportations since President Obama took office.”<<

    Allow me to add clarity to this sentence:

    Gutierrez joined other ILLEGAL immigration advocates to call attention to one million ILLEGAL immigration deportations since President Obama took office.

    The word ILLEGAL often gets missed. Odd how that continues to happen.

  • BarkhornXX

    Can this violator of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold be deported?

    • BigRmv

      At least a Censure, wouldn’t you think?

  • Latinaamerican

    Cancel e-verify? A member of congress sworn to uphold the law trying to actively subvert the law? E-Verify helps employers who want to be law-abiding know which potential employees have a legal right to be employed. If they employ someone who is not here legally (or without the right to work in America) the company gets fined and could lose its business license.

    Gutierrez is a tool.

  • Nurse Snow

    Hurrah!! One million down, 12-? million left to deport.

    This man swore an oath to uphold our laws, but only the ones he likes I guess. These “deportees” are criminals and trespassers…not law abiding LEGAL immigrants.

    They are not hard-working, just-need-a-chance folks…they’re cowards who don’t care enough about their own country(ies) to stay and fight for it (them).

    I intend to fight for my country and maybe keeping Mr. Gutierrez locked up will help that cause.

    How can he continue to rack up arrests and remain a sitting Ccongressman?