Club for Growth: We still hate Boehner’s plan

The powerful Club for Growth sent a message to lawmakers today: we still hate Speaker John Boehner’s debt-ceiling plan.

“Earlier this week, the Club for Growth urged House members to vote against the original Boehner Plan,” Andrew Roth, the vice president of government affairs for the anti-tax group, wrote in a memo to congressional offices Thursday. (RELATED: Tea Party Nation leader: Boehner isn’t listening to us)

“Now that Republican leadership has made changes to the bill in light of the CBO’s score, we are now reaffirming our original key vote. Therefore, the Club opposes the new Boehner Plan and we urge all members to vote against it.”

A vote on the proposal is expected Thursday.

The free-market group made three points in the memo:

“The increase in the debt limit is immediate and real, but most of the spending cuts are only promised and stretched out over ten years. History has shown that future spending cuts rarely materialize. Nothing binds a future Congress from erasing them.”

“Compromise in Washington is a noble idea, but only if it leads to solving the problem at hand. This bill does nothing to fix the fiscal crisis. It merely kicks the can down the road.”

“The mere voting on a Balanced Budget amendment is nowhere near the same as demanding that it be part of the debt limit increase. A Balanced Budget amendment is the kind of structural reform that credit agencies are looking for to avoid a credit downgrade, not another Washington deal that avoids making the hard decisions now.”