Sarah Palin pens ambiguous note to GOP freshmen

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wrote an open letter to Republican freshmen in a Facebook post Thursday, as budget talks on Capitol Hill appeared to be at a standstill.

In her message, titled “Congressional Freshmen — For Such a Time as This,” Palin reminds congressmen that “little folk are watching the debt ceiling debate with great interest and concern.”

The letter does not directly tell the GOP freshmen what action she recommends they take in the budget and debt debate, but reiterates that they were elected as part of the Tea Party movement.

In the Facebook passage, Palin hearkened back to a letter she sent to newly elected Republican members in November, and asks members of Congress to reread her advice.

In that letter, she reminded representatives to “stick to the principles that propelled your campaigns” and to “be deadly serious about cutting the deficit.”

Thursday’s letter emphasized heavy cuts, criticized the “failed” stimulus program and opposed tax hikes.

After Palin wished the GOP freshmen her best, she ended the letter on a seemingly threatening note: “P.S. Everyone I talk to still believes in contested primaries.”

  • Jno

    Sarah’s stance is only ambiguous to people of limited reading skills such as Amanda and the left-wing radicals. What bugs the libs the most as the Tea Party representatives campaigned on the promise they would attempt to cut our administrations outrageous spending. THEY ACTUALLY KEPT THEIR PROMISE and that is something entirely foreign to lib politicians. No wonder Amanda and her followers are umable to comprehend!

  • Pigs On The Wing

    She wants so much to be relevant but she knows she is too stupid to actually give an interview to somebody other than a pretend interview with Sean Hannity or Greta. However, be sure to get your DVD of The UNDEFEATED!!!!

    She is stupid when it comes to economics and history and geography and arithmetic…but she sure knows how to bilk the less intelligent faction of the republican party…..many of which actually still believe that she is going to jump in the presidential race. HA HA HA!!!

    GO SARAH!!!!

    • Jno

      Sarah is not real bright. The only one I can think of offhand that is LESS bright is the Community Organizer.

    • truebearing

      Pig in the Manure,

      You, of all people, shouldn’t be criticizing anyone’s intelligence, since you possess so very little of your own.

  • philipjames

    Sarah Palin has not been ambiguous… she said to Greta on FOX that she supported Cut, Cap and Balance – you know, that bill that got passed by the House and was sent to the Senate… the one that was only short of passing by 4 votes…
    the one that got abandoned immediately by that pussy Boehner?
    You can remember more than two days back in time can’t you?

    • Humorless

      phillipjames, if she’s not being ambiguous, why didn’t she tell the freshman Repubs directly….to oppoase “pussy Boehner”????

  • cja23

    Somebody needs to take a stand against President Disaster and the democrats. They care about the middle class and the poor, my bu-t. Who the heck are they trying to screw. Like them gas prices and lack of jobs, middle class America. We’re turning into a banana republic under President Disaster.

  • flips

    Do house freshmen still take orders from a crazy unemployed lady in the backwoods of Alaska?