Ed Gillespie says Reince Priebus ‘saved’ the RNC

Ed Gillespie, one of the Republican Party’s best-known strategists, says Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus “saved” the once struggling organization.

“I just want to say that in his short time in office, his first six months on the job, Chairman Priebus has saved the Republican National Committee,” Gillespie told a gathering of College Republicans in Washington on Friday.

It’s no secret that longtime GOP operatives and donors weren’t thrilled with the way former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele ran the organization. Priebus earlier this year defeated Steele when he ran for re-election.

“He has restored the confidence of our major donors,” Gillespie explained. “He’s re-connecting the headquarters with our state parties, especially in those critical electoral college swing states.”

“He’s taking the fight to President Obama and the Democrats in Congress,” Gillespie added. “And the RNC is once again a driving force in Republican messaging.”

In remarks to the College Republican National Committee later Friday afternoon, Priebus told the attendees, “I am here to restore the RNC, make us functional and operational and make sure that we together make Barack Obama a one-term president.”

He also got a few laughs out of the young Republicans present by pointing out that if you take the vowels out of “Reince Priebus,” it actually spells, “RNC PR BS.”

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  • brian

    So the “big donors” are happy. Must be the same “big donors” that twisted arms to get gay marriage in NY.

  • rsr

    If Reince “saved the RNC,” then why has Steele’s misappropriator-in-chief, Blaise Hazelwood, been working out the RNC!?

  • paulwiggleman

    This is a great article – and to Dennis159: yeah it’s too bad Reince isn’t wasting millions like the last chairman on a crappy website and new media that stinks and is ineffective. Nice try.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    They won’t be getting any money from me, because they can’t be trusted to use it they way I would, CONSERVATIVELY. In fact, every time there was a choice, they chose the RINO. If you ever wonder where the conservative democrats went when the communists ran them out of the democrat party, just look at the establishment repubs. The republican party is done until they force the RINO’s back over to straighten out the democrats, and return to their platform of smaller less intrusive government and stop the government from stealing from the taxpayers.

    I have a suggestion for all those that think more taxes and stopping subsidizes is needed. I agree, forty percent of taxpayers don’t pay anything, and in fact many receive money they don’t pay (earned income credit). We need to stop this theft from the middle class and institute a flat tax on EVERYONE. That is what I feel is fair. All citizens should have to support their government, and know what it is like to pay taxes for the services THEY receive.

    By the way, I’m not a rich millionaire, I am a retired union member, BUT I know that the rich don’t pay these taxes the democrats keep imposing on them, they pass them on to the middle class by increasing the prices of the products they produce, so every tax increase on the rich is really a tax on the middle class which is being destroyed by these big government politicians.

    If you want to tax the rich, like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, all Obama supporters, you won’t do it through our present tax system, it is rigged to benefit them, they have the lobbyists!

    Why don’t the democrats ever propose a “special” tax on the rich they would have a difficult time passing on to the middle class? Like a TAX ON ACCUMULATED WEALTH??

    Because the real agenda of the democrats, and the RINO republicans is to wipe out the middle class and have the ruling class and all the rest of us THEIR SERFS.

    When we stop the unconstitutional bills coming out of congress and unconstitutional spending, and start sticking the traitors to this country in prison, you will find that at least HALF of the government spending is CORRUPTION.

    Go TEA Party, Go SARAH PALIN. Return our constitution and honesty to our government.

  • dennisl59

    Ed Gillespie is trying to blow sunshine up our a**. The RNC is IN THE RED and has been unable to hire a “Digital Marketing Director that will oversee all RNC digital marketing, manage an in-house digital team and work closely with other division heads to maximize their efforts online”. Mr.Rinse Repeatus is a DUD. What’s the problem “Rinse”? No one passed your vetting, lie detector and salary requirements? Let’s have a show of hands of the people wanting to work 18 hours a day, seven days a week for the next 16 months? Then “Eat your Peas”.