Matt Lewis

GOProud and Birchers ousted as CPAC co-sponsors (David Horowitz survives vote)

According to official letters obtained by The Daily Caller, the gay conservative group GOProud and the ultraconservative John Birch Society won’t be co-sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2012.

The decision was reached by a full vote of the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. The ACU organizes and hosts CPAC each year.

Representatives of GOProud and the John Birch Society were notified of the decision via mail Friday afternoon.

The decision comes after GOProud’s 2011 sponsorship sparked severe criticism from ACU board members, and prompted several social conservative groups to boycott the event. The controversy reached a boiling point when GOProud’s chairman called respected ACU board member Cleta Mitchella nasty bigot.”

Long considered a fringe group, the John Birch Society’s sensationalist accusations (such as saying Dwight Eisenhower was a “dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy“) once prompted William F. Buckley to effectively banish the group from the conservative movement.

Various blocs of CPAC board members find both GOProud and the Birchers highly offensive — and for entirely different reasons.

Meanwhile, one controversial conservative activist actually survived the ACU board vote.

Despite accusing Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist and ACU board member Suhail Khan, during his 2011 CPAC speech, of being in league with the Muslim Brotherhood, it was decided that conservative activist David Horowitz would not be precluded from participating in the future.

ACU’s decision to revisit past decisions regarding CPAC has been expected. After the departure of longtime ACU Chairman David Keene last year, it was predictable that ACU’s board of directors would address lingering questions surrounding past co-sponsors and speakers.

“As Chairman [Al] Cardenas said following his election [as chairman of the ACU], given controversies surrounding a few CPAC 2011 co-sponsors, we would take a look at what would be the most appropriate path going forward,” explained ACU communications director Kristy Campbell.

“Given the concerns raised by a number of our Board members,” she said, “Chairman Cardenas exercised his option to take these issues to a vote of the Board — which has been done in the past.”

Campbell stressed that although GOProud and the John Birch Society would no longer have a formal sponsorship role at the gathering, “individual members of these organizations are welcome and encouraged to attend CPAC. ”

CPAC is the largest gathering of conservatives each year. Past speakers have included leading conservatives, ranging from Rush Limbaugh to Ronald Reagan. The 2012 CPAC will take place in Washington, DC in February.

  • Jjt32

    Ronald Reagan in an interview with REASON MAGAZINE (1975) stated that he believes “the heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” The heart and soul of conservtism as espoused by our Founding Fathers, is that the government should have a hands off policy on the very liberties expressed within the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution of this great nation; these are documents that were inspired through the theories of Classic Liberalists like Hobbes, Smith, Jefferson, and Madison. The decision to exclude GOProud from CPAC by the new Junta of the ACU under the leadership of Cardenas, would render your organization anathema by those very documents through your systematic, rabid, and irrational disdain towards a class of citizens, in which you have judged persona non grata. Moreover, you have also rendered your event as a one dimensional social-conservative affair that alienates the majority of the population of this nation who are libertarian conservatives. If you choose to prostitute the Constitution to whore itself to your specific whim, then you have abandoned the goal of true conservatism which champions the personal freedom of individual citizens without regard to condition. GOProud believes in conservatism, but you exclude them simply because they are gay. So your brand of conservatism is as intolerant as the brand of politics of the liberal Democrats. By this action you no longer are a champion of individual freedom, and I therefore recommend you change your name to the American Social Conservative Union, because you have offended the history of freedom of the United States! Restore GOProud to CPAC!

    • Poster

      Thank you, Jjt32 for multiple posts repeatedly showing how very correct the new leadership of CPAC was for excluding the kind of intolerant, viscious, divisive, venom spewing, accusatory, hate mongering you champion.  What are you going to do, scream us into accepting you?  You might have tried try civil language first. 
      And how remarkable you cite Ronald Reagan–the most falsely maligned president BY GAYS, an error which they have yet to own up to.  Your tactics are straight out of the Left’s tired playbook.  Why don’t you start your own group?  You certainly don’t belong at CPAC. 

  • Jjt32

    A Message to ACU, Social Conservatives, and other bigoted ignorant people that support the ACU decision: Social Conservatives are profoundly hypocritical and antithetical to the precepts that created this nation by spewing out hyperbolic hate similar to the Liberal left of this nation.  They want to intrude in the personal freedoms of people’s bedrooms, and lives with their judgmental rhetoric, as if they were given this right that supercedes the Constitution itself.  The Ultra Liberal Left and the Ultra Christian Right will be the ruin of this nation.  By the sound of the postings here, I accuse you of unChristian hate and I equate you to the religious freaks of Iran, and other Islamic Nations that even hang Gay teenagers…Pathetic all of you! As a libertarian-conservative I find ACU’s decision and particularly Al Cardenas who I know from Miami, incongruent to the true nature of Classic Liberalism (libertarianism) of which this country was founded on, and the plurality of the citizenry prescribes to!

    • Poster

      Thank you for your calm, reasoned, rational comments on this inexplicably divisive issue in which the majority of Americans remain opposed to your view–obviously for the very reasons you cite.  How will we ever enlighten this repugnant hate-filled majority to think just like you do?

      To the Christians reading this post, you should thank Jjtc32 for explaining how you should think and live your lives in conformity with his beliefs.  Be grateful that non-Christians are always eager to tell Christians how they should change.  I’m sure his language equating you with head-chopping, infidel-hating maniacs is mild compared to what he was really thinking, so thank him too for showing restraint and tolerance in the face of your immorality.  Also realize he is using the language of absolute morals, which you believe in too, so dare to question him at your own risk!

    • HarryFromMA

      Man, you sure show how blind, hypocritical, ignorant, and sucked in by the tactics of the Left! You parrot the “ignorant” line, just like the Left wants you too. I’ve seen much real ignorance on the GBLT side- especially about those that don’t agree with them. You show your abysmal ignorance to say “ULTRA” in connection to the “Christian Right”. That is DEEP in the arsenal of the Left, including the ULTRA Left. Sorry, but being against gay marriage, etc., is quote mainstream in the entire history of the world, and of the US of A. The LIBERAL, PRO-GBLTism viewpoints are the ULTRA, FRINGE, minority thru history. The reason why more kids are for all of the GBLT political/social/’moral’ positions is because of the LEFT & FAR LEFT. Try some sound research into GBLT political/social advocacy history- dig deeper than CALIFORNIA on Harvey Milk, or ‘Harry’ (Henry) Hay & his Mattichine Society, and his own interesting views. Just for starters.
      And WHO are YOU to say what is “UnChristian [sic] hate”? Whose standard are you using? I have read 1,000s of pages and watched DVDs, etc., on the whole issue of homosexuality and GBLTism and the Bible, science, etc., and the Bible is always for hetero marriage & relationships- Jesus quoted that a man shall leave parents & cling to his WIFE, Paul affirmed the heterosexual family unit in Eph 5, always condemned same-sex relations whenever he spoke of it in any way, etc. Paul says speak the TRUTH in love (Eph 4:15), he says those who PRACTICE same-sex relations and other biblically-defined ‘sins’ “WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God” (1 Cor 6:9). He then says “SUCH WERE some of you. But you were washed/etc by the Spirit of our God’ (1 Cor 6:10).
      The Bible says “Righteousness exalts a NATION, and sin is a DISGRACE to any people.”
      Me thinks Christians should want to apply that verse.
      Liberal religious & non-religious people, and others want to legislate their version of morality and right/wrong. Social Conservatives are also free to advocate their view.
      Maybe if you really read some of the best materials on their side, you might wean yourself off of parroting the filthy language war terms of the Left.
      Amazing you equate them with “the religious freaks of Iran” who even hang gay teens. Talk about “Pathetic”!
      You violate the Bible verse against “bearing false witness”.
      You broad-swipe Social Conservatives with the change of “hate”, while you can’t really prove hate with millions of them, and you spread your LITERAL hate against them, smearing them all the way.
      Yeah. THAT is the kind of ‘conservatism’ we need for the USA!
      You suck up to the Leftist attack tactics, and repeat the lies, hate, intolerance and stereotyping of Social Conservatives- JUST as the Left wants!
      Congratulations, dear!

  • Poster

    Those of you accusing opponents of the LGBT agenda of invading bedrooms have apparently never been to a gay pride parade, nor forced to march in one against your will, nor seen public obscenity laws grossly violated in full view of “law-enforcement officers,” nor been sued for refusing to photograph a same-sex wedding, or been a parent court-ordered to have your 9-year-old indoctrinated in your public school, nor fired from your job for contributing to a referendum which the majority of voters supported, nor been court-ordered not to teach your own biological child certain Bible verses that offend your former partner, nor been threatened by a judge to have your own biological child permanently removed from your custody if you don’t allow her to visit your former partner and her latest same-sex lover and gay friends, or stood guard outside a public restroom your wife was using in case a man who has a legally protected gender identity decides to share it with her, or been jaw-droppingly flabbergasted when a state’s elected officials call for the end of separate boys and girls bathrooms in public elementary schools. 

    At least I hope you are unaware of this.  Because if you actually know this and still think this is about conservatives being haters, you need to find another tent somewhere else to call your political home.

  • Bluestreak1985

    Yes, I’m calling all gay people abnormal. There is no gay gene. It’s a choice. If you gay people & gay marriage supporters don’t like us “true” conservatives who support traditional marriage, then join the liberal democratic party, because we don’t want people like you in the conservative movement. Better yet, you gay people should have stayed in the damn closet.

    • HarryFromMA

      I agree there is no gay gene (etc), BUT the same-sex ATTRACTIONS are NOT “a choice” in almost all cases. What to do when it comes, yes- but NOT the attractions themselves.

  • Bluestreak1985

    There are no gay conservatives at all. Gays want to push their radical gay agenda onto Americans who do not accept their sick & perverted lifestyle by pushing for gay marriage. It is not normal for two people of the same sex to be together, that’s not how society survives. In order for society to survive, one male & one female need to produce offspring that what is known as human nature.

  • truebearing

    It was big of CPAC to allow Horowitz to be a sponsor. He’s done more to fight the left and the Muslim insurgency than any one individual I can think of.

    • Humorless

      He sure has.  In fact, next week, I hear he’s going to call on a law to make all Muslims in America wear yellow armbands with a crescent on it.

  • truebearing

    If gay Republicans were truly conservative, they wouldn’t be expecting special status, which is what they are essentially asking for by qualifying themselves as “Gay Republicans”. They will point out that the constitution doesn’t single out sexual preference as determinant in affording the rights protected under the constitution, so why are they identifying themselves as different from the rest of the Republicans?

    As conservatives they are automatically constitutionalists. Are they saying they want to uphold and preserve a document they have doubts about? Are they saying the constitution is deficient? If not, and they are in fact constitutional conservatives, they believe that our liberty is protected in the document and their is no need to embellish on their identity as gay conservatives.

    The answer appears to be that they have the same narrow social agenda as leftist gays. This attempt at fusion between conservatism and Gayism seems to be nothing less than a way to force social conservatives to accept homosexuality, despite their belief in the teachings of the Bible. It is essentially demanding that Christian conservatives ignore their beliefs so that gay Republicans can parade their beliefs. It is a kind of a gay dhimmitude.

    It appears that gays of any political persuasion most strongly identify with their sexual orientation and lifestyle, not political ideology. If Christianity did not consider homosexuality a sin, there would be all kinds of homosexual social conservatives.

    There are many sins identified in the Bible, of which homosexuality is one. The curious thing is that I know of no other group of sinners who want recognition and special political status based on identification with a particular sin. I don’t see any identity movement for Alcoholic Republicans, or GambleGOP, or AdulterousRepublicans. I don’t see anyone else trying to establish sin identity politics, and then force those who clearly don’t condone those sins to accept their sin-based group, but that is what GOProud is doing. And it is divisive and Progressive, not conservative.

  • Offensive Bias

    I’m glad GOproud got the boot…maybe they can take their back stabbing ways to the libertarian party where they should be full accepted.

    Conservatism doesn’t need to be divided into groups and have the number of these divided groups increased to define it as a big tent. Conservatism is a philosophy that defined by other good posters here. A philosophy that has three legs= Social, fiscal and defense. Remove one of these and the support falls. This was defined others on this thread and I want to reiterate it.

    America can survive and prosper without institutionalized homosexuality. Our nations through our fathers and grandfathers overcame events that was unconscionable. Our nations fought itself to liberate slaves. Wan against two hot world wars and one cold. became the most powerful nation in the world less then 250 years. Raised the standard of living for ourselves through freedom and innovation.
    I think this nation will do just fine without homosexuality being institutionalized.

    BTW, before the name calling of “bigot” or “homophobe” start coming…I use to be gay and now straight as a laser…married to a wife with kids of our own.

    I welcome gays to come out of the life style.

  • craigiri

    Maybe the KKK has extra cash?
    If not, the Koch brothers can fund it out of their petty cash.

  • JimConstitution

    Conservatives vs Homosexuals?
    “Conservatives shout, push, scream, hate, and are, not rational, against homosexual Americans, not diverse, intolerant, fearful, flame-throwers, against fundamental rights, against group rights, and have a tirade, an agenda, denied special rights, will not stay out of our bedrooms??”, homosexuals claim.

    I don’t think we are the ones that are claimed here. Even changing their name to gay is hypocritical.
    Homosexual americans? No. We are all americans. Group rights don’t exist in america, it’s individual rights and responsibilities for children that are our joy, reason and hope. Groups divide us and make us weak as a family and nation.

    ‘Unalienable rights are from God’. Does anyone think the founders mean for this to include what God also calls an “abomination”?

    Certainly CPAC has the right to decide who is in leadership.

    If two can marry why not three? Why not three men and two women, after all, they are all trans-gendered or bi-sexuals. A religious group that incorporates multiple person marriages? The immoral push knows no end, and next multiplex restrooms at schools and public showers at a YMCA?? The confusion and nakedness to children is beyond words. Well to 90% or more of us.

    • hoosherdaddy

      If one can buy a slingshot, then what will stop them from buying an 88mm mortar!?! If one can build a tree house in their back yard, whats going to stop them from building a catapult and attacking their neighbors!?! That escalation argument makes no sense, honestly think about it logically. The constitution doesnt even mention homosexuals or gays, so I know for a fact it doesnt say they cannot be wed. There have been gay people since the dawn of time, and their existence did not cause all children to become gay and wipe out the human race. Look back at your Bible, Im pretty sure it says all but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the only unforgivable sin. So when you sit above us “abominations” think about this, when you get angry, when you check out that swimsuit model, when you envy your friend’s car, you are just as guilty in Gods eyes as gays are. Im not trying to flame you, just educate you

      • HarryFromMA

        One thing that never ceases to NOT amaze me is how the pro-GBLTism people mangle & grab at the Bible to pseudo-support their agenda. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Why don’t you pick up a Bible and read the context???
        You didn’t even define what you *feel* is the blasphemy!
        Instead of just quoting, check CONTEXT & what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit IS. NT parallel in Mark 3:28-30 show that Jesus spoke about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit “BECAUSE [THIS is the reason:] they said ‘HE [JESUS] has an UNCLEAN SPIRIT.
        The Jesus-REJECTORS committed it in New Testament. Jesus said what he did “BECAUSE they said HE had an UNCLEAN SPIRIT.” It was in the TEXTUAL CONTEXT of JESUS while ON EARTH. Well, can someone commit that today- when Jesus is NOT living on the earth? Even if one can, there’s NO evidence those who smear against have done so by disagreeing with you on GBLT issues.
        Also, you show again how shallow you think and how gullibly you swallow and repeat the LEFT’S talking points. You also show again how badly you misuse the Bible.
        The BIBLE states that the ACTION is the “abomination”, not the people. Paul says those who “PRACTICE these things” (1 Cor 6:9) also.
        Are Christians who disagree with homosexuality calling Jesus DEMON POSSESSED?
        The CONTEXT says “ALL sin will be forgiven”. So IT can be forgiven, but REJECTING JESUS will NOT be forgiven. They REJECTED Jesus!
        Stop speaking out of the abundance of your agenda-driven ignorance, while accusing others of ignorance, & saying you want to “educate” others.
        It is incredibly telling about your position when it is soooo common for GBLTs and the ideological allies are so ignorant of the Bible as a rule, while they think they have solid points- when they distort to keep what they want to beleive and “practice”.
        You are a typical, miseducated shrill of the Left, including the GBLT Left. You can be a FISCAL conservative while being so, but please don’t think others should adopt your views when they are so woefully weak and distorted- about sources and people.
        You are grabbing and reaching for things that you can *feel* support your desired vie, but end up fulfilling what the Bible says- People will gather for themselves teachers to feed them “what their itching ears WANT to hear. They will turn from the truth to follow fables.” (1 Tim 4:3-4)