Obama’s approval numbers hit all-time low

President Barack Obama’s approval rating sank to a new low Friday, according to Gallup’s daily presidential tracking poll.

Just 40 percent of Americans say they approve of Obama’s performance as president. That is down three percentage points from Thursday. Fifty percent say they do not approve of the job he is doing.

The poor rating comes amidst an increasingly chaotic debate over raising the debt ceiling, as the deadline looms to raise it or risk the government defaulting on its debts.

Just 41 percent of the public said they approved of the way Obama was handling the debt-ceiling negotiations, while 52 percent disapproved, according to another Gallup poll released Thursday. Nonetheless, Obama still polls better than congressional leadership. Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid both received even lower approval rates.

The president’s 40 percent approval rating follows a Pew Research Center for the People and the Press poll released Thursday that found Obama’s support among independents has eroded a great deal. Fully 54 percent of independents disapprove of Obama’s performance as president, according to the Pew poll, the most during his time in office. Just 36 percent approve of the job he is doing.

Obama has also lost ground against a generic Republican challenger, attracting 41 percent of the vote when matched with an unnamed Republican, who polled 40 percent.

Obama’s approval rating is below that of former President Bill Clinton’s lowest approval rating during the government shutdowns of 1995. At the very end of the shutdown, Clinton’s approval rating was 42 percent, but quickly rebounded back to over 50 percent. His lowest approval rating ever was 37 percent in June 1993.

  • abderecho

    The “One” is apparently not.  

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  • SpaciousSkies

    Just a hypothetical here- but I believe it’s possible that Obama’s approval rating is actually a whole lot lower than 40%.

    People are uncomfortable being on the record in opposition to Obama for fear of being accused of racism. I believe Obama’s approval ratings are artificially high because of this factor.

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  • Buck Turgidson

    What I can’t figure out is what the 40% who favor Obama don’t see that the rest of us do. Barrack Hussein Obama is the next coming of Jimmy Carter – a man with a resume as thin as wax paper that is clearly in over his head. As a nation we’re experiencing the ill effects of Affirmative Action and should take note that such quota and “feel good” programs end up doing us more harm than good.

    Obama is one and done, going down in history as one of the Top 3 worst Presidents in U.S. history.

  • PerryM

    Pop some popcorn, bring out the Brewskies and watch Dear Leader Obama melt into oblivion live on TV.

    Hey, its cheap fun and the fall TV shows haven’t started so let’s have a party.

    I just can’t get enough of the press conferences where he cries and stomps his feet that he can’t get his way; I love the way his ears wiggle.

    Then, I watch him vote “Present” as he never submits any proposal to end this mess he created for us.

    I can’t get enough of the Obama Comedy Hour………….

    • SocialistsNeverProsper

      Yep. Apparently, the American people are guffawing right along with you: Every time the Failure in Chief whines his way through another speech or presser, That One’s approval rating takes yet another 2-point hit.

  • cogs

    It’s sad that during Obama’s campaign, nobody told him that if he won, he would be expected to do real work. If you think about it, all he’s done is give lectures, travel, golf, have parties, give fund-raisers and sign really, really bad bills. They even had to pull him off the golf course when they were about to hit OBL. The really sad thing is that we have to pay for the bum’s security after he’s out in 2013.

  • AaronBastian

    Hey look! When people point on the truth about Obama, they get blamed for just being mad that a black man is running the county!! I love how dumb that people appear when they resort to calling people racist who see that Obama truly is an Inexperienced, petulant, socialist, narcissist, anti American, race baiting, hustler…..