Super PAC runs Rick Perry ads in Iowa

What if there were a well-funded group pushing for a Rick Perry candidacy? It turns out there is.

On Monday, the super PAC Jobs for Iowa released an ad aimed at the first-in-the country state. The spot, “What If,” touts Perry’s time in Texas, in which the governor was actually present when jobs were created. It also mentions that Texas has “no deficit” and a “decade of balanced budgets.”

The ad ends with its own question and answer:

What if we had a better option for President? We do. Rick Perry.

The $40,000 ad buy will run for two weeks in Iowa and only on Fox News, according to Politico.

Perry has been teasing for weeks that he’s considering a run for the 2012 Republican nomination. The hints have vaulted him into fourth place in polling, according to the Real Clear Politics average, although he won’t be participating in Iowa’s Ames Straw poll on Aug. 13.

Super PACs are political organizations that can raise unlimited amounts of cash from corporations, individuals and unions. They are not permitted to actively work with candidates they support.

Jobs for Iowa isn’t the only super PAC aiming to push Perry into the race. Americans for Rick Perry has raised more than $400,000 since June.


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  • NTxRepublican

    Unfortunately, Perry is not a good candidate.  I  am a Texas Republican, and I would love George Bush to step back into the WH, but Perry is a very pale imitation of Bush, and always has been.  He really has done very little here, and the economy of Texas has survived on its own—not due to any actions taken by Perry, thanks to geographic and resource advanges (no state income tax and conservative regulatory climate also help.)    Yes, he is generally conservative—but he will not withstand today’s political climate if he goes national.  I would refer you to his “toe-in-the-water” tour back in December as he made the talk show rounds and looked and sounded like a bad George Bush.  We need someone with solid principles and at least a modicum of charisma to pin Barry’s ears back in 2012.  The one-time Texas A&M “Yell” (Cheer) leader is not it.  Don’t waste your $$$$ on him.  Save it for someone who has a chance–he IS NOT our savior.

    • Trockinp

      I don’t agree with you, NTx. Perry has a commendable record as Gov. of TX. I don’t care for his sometimes questionable illegal immigration ideas, but overall, he has done a good job. He has succeeded in putting some punch in the Gov’s office. He has helped create the job friendly environment and definitely has the cojones to take on issues, put his name on them, and stand on his principles. He definitely no pushover.

  • Anonymous

    Perry has ZERO, repeat ZERO chance of being President. Why? Simple: NO ONE wants another Texas Governor in the White House. Period. End of Story.

    Palin/Rubio 2012

    • johnk144

      I like “Palin/Rubio 2012,” but your assertion on Perry is just complete nonsense. A successful Governor with a history of bucking the Washington establishment is the perfect candidate to beat obama, whether they come from Texas or Alaska.

    • Anonymous

      Actually Palin/Rubio has zero chance of success. 

      I like Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio is the best pick for VP no matter who runs.  But Sarah cannot win.  The independents will not vote for her.  The Media has torpedoed her and it has worked (and they’re doing the same to Bachmann,  The media is horribly sexist, even Hillary Clinton did not escape their attack.) That may be a fact that you don’t like (I don’t like it either) but it’s a fact.  Bottomline ~ Palin/Rubio is a losing ticket in a year when we desperately need to win.

      I understand the whole “not another Texas Governor as a candidate for President” thing.  And in a slightly unrelated topic ~ Jeb Bush is poison too ~ cuz no one wants another Bush.

      But here’s another thing ~ squishy Republicans do not win.  Conservative Republicans do.  Right now a “squishy” Republican is leading the pack ~ Mitt Romney.  By definition, he can’t win.

      Our first priority has to be beating Obama.  Our country cannot bear another 4 years of his destructive policies.  Republicans also have to stop giving the nomination away, from time to time, as some sort of “seniority” prize.  Didn’t work with Dole, didn’t work with McCain, so that silly little tradition needs to be abandoned.

      Perry is a Conservative, not a squishy Republican.  He has a much better chance of beating Obama even considering the “no more Texas Governor” thing.

      Looking for a good candidate is like picking fruit ~ you have to pick the best candidate from what is available.  Right now the field is uninspiring, but Romney is ahead.  The problem with Romney (right or wrong) is that, beyond his squishy Republican status, he’s also a Mormon.

      Many Christians will not vote for a Mormon (this is a statement of fact, not a indication of whether it is right or wrong) or at least that was once true.  Now, even those who would never vote for a Mormon MIGHT vote for Romney if they have no other choice.  This wouldn’t be a pro-Romney vote, it would be an anti-Obama vote.  We can’t depend on people who “might” vote.

      We can do better.  We need a Conservative to run, and someone that engenders a “pro” vote and not an “anti” vote.

      If not Perry, then who?

  • johnk144

    I’m willing to consider Perry, just as long as he runs on shrinking the size of the federal government. Not just shrink its “growth,” but actually eliminate large swaths of federal agencies and departments. Bring home the troops who protect Europe’s borders, and give them the job of protecting ours. His history in Texas has good and bad, like anyone’s would. What’s more important is what he commits to doing as President.

    • JGParker

      John, you stated yourself well….and I agree with you 100%….it sounds like you have first hand knowledge of Perry’s record here in Texas….I had hoped he would use his leadership and authority to continue to call special sessions to get the sanctuary city status overturned, and an immigration bill with teeth in it….but overall, Rick Perry has earned an excellent record in Texas…..a documented record of proven results many other states could look to as a model….

      Most importantly, he could beat Obama, hands down……which is my one benchmark for any of the fine field of Republican candidates…..especially as I listened to John McCain speak this week….his every word proving he is even more left leaning than so called Blue Dog Democrats….it reminded me that from that perspective, Obama’s winning margin wasn’t that large….

      Any Republican nominee, though, has to get the Independents back who were sick and tired and voted “anybody but Bush” , get the nod of the Tea Party movement, and the Libertarians …….I think Perry can do that…..