Chris Matthews on debt deal: ‘It was a thug attacking a victim. It was a mugging’

After Vice President Joe Biden reportedly likened the congressional Republicans negotiating tactics to those of “terrorists,” other Democrats have been reluctant to follow in his track and have substituted “hostage taker” in its place. But “Hardball” host Chris Matthews has his own metaphor.

On his Tuesday show on MSNBC, Matthews said the Republicans were guilty of a crime: A mugging.

“Let me finish tonight with this bad experience we’ve all just been through,” Matthews said. “What we saw — what I saw, at least, was one guy with a knife and the other trying to avoid being cut. It was a thug attacking a victim. It was a mugging.”

The “Hardball” host warned this will happen again, now that the GOP has seen it work to achieve what it wanted.

“Now, the good news, ‘the relief’ is a better word I suppose that the victim did get through it,” he continued. “The bad news is the mugger got what he wanted — he got the wallet. I put to you the most important question of the week, of the month, of the year, of our time — is there any doubt that he, the mugger, will try it again? Not a whit.”

“This morning the Republican leader of the Senate declared his intention to name not a single member of a new special joint committee to make the second cut in the debt who is open to a tax or even a revenue increase.”

And Matthews explained it will continue as long as President Barack Obama allows it.

“So the mugging continues again and again and again,” Matthews continued. “The people who perpetrated this assault on the president will come back to do it again.”

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  • Stan

    This ignorant puke. He has it ass backwards. The guy with the knife was trying to save his money from a crack whore liberal crying give me more money I have a large hole to fill !!

  • Americanius

    Who is Chris Matthews?

  • votersofny

    Why do you give this moron any recognition? The guy is a dope, everyone knows it. Just ignore the moron.

  • caveman

    Chris is drunk most of the time.
    Why the DC gives him the so many web pages a week just makes my eyes to pop out…

  • DLVoris

    Matthews is right – and it’s as it should be
    It’s more than evident that our immediate past politicians – all of them who sat in office prior to the 2010 elections – have no self discipline and simply cannot resist the pressure to lavish on their constituents whatever it is those constituents want, regardless of the checkbook balance.
    It simply has to stop and if a mugging is what it takes to stop it, it doesn’t matter who has to be the “victim”.
    And, frankly, if one listens to Matthews’ peers on both sides of the issue, both sides took a mugging. No one seems to be happy with this deal and I can’t wait for the next round of muggings – as long as it stops the fiscal carnage my four kids and eight grandkids are facing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRTHDM4UEQ6XEINLLSVU67NAHE fidelb

    How can you justify a 14.3 trillions debt and another 2.1 to 3.0 trillions additional debt and tell the world that the Tea Party are thugs for refusing approval without condition! This is insanity. You have the senate majority and the presidency and you were mugged by the Tea Party! This is the marked of the Democrats. Attack, attack, attack though you are out of line. Poor Democrats, the Tea Party handed you a taste of your own hemorrhoids. Only dumb and uneducated electorates would believe you.