Orrin Hatch snags Hannity endorsement

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch has won a high-profile re-election endorsement that will surely help him with Tea Party voters in his state: Fox News commentator Sean Hannity on Tuesday endorsed the Republican Senator on his radio show.

“I’m not sure if Clarence Thomas would be on the bench today but for you,” Hannity said, according to audio released by the Hatch campaign.

“I don’t think guys like John Roberts and Sam Alito would be there either,” he continued. “All the times you have been fighting for these Balanced Budgets over the years … what you’ve done for the Supreme Court which is impacting this country literally now for generations and decades … is why I’ve endorsed you for your race in the Senate.”

The endorsement is notable because FreedomWorks, a Washington D.C.-based organization affiliated with the Tea Party movement, has targeted Hatch, suggesting that it will support someone else who may be more in step with rank-and-file conservatives.

Hatch clearly is aware of the danger of becoming a target of Tea Party voters. He voted against the debt-ceiling deal in the Senate on Tuesday.

No candidate has stepped up to challenge Hatch yet, though Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is widely expected to join the race. (RELATED: Exclusive: FreedomWorks will make Orrin Hatch first 2012 target)

This isn’t Hatch’s first big radio endorsement. Both Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, two well-known voices, have offered the Utahan their support.

  • Anonymous

    Chaffetz’ handicap, like that of most of the new crop, is that he has no intellectual underpinnings.  He chose far-right populism because that was the ascendant movement of the time, and that was what he needed to do to get elected.  I don’t fault him for being opportunistic amidst radicals who will crucify you for disagreeing with them, and maybe he’ll ripen into an actual leader with time, but he holds no candle to Hatch as far as ability to deliver in the Senate.  These Tea-Partiers may prefer their reverse affirmative action now, throwing out credentials in favour of identities, but we’ll see them all grasp to keep their jobs next election, as most sane employees would do.  It’s delusive to think they’ll adhere to term limits (may they prove me wrong).

    Anyway, Utahns have kept Hatch this long because they like him; he represents their principled pragmatism well; and I expect that they’ll keep him longer still.

  • Snidely70448

     Yeah, re-elect this RINO, and watch how fast he reverts to form.  Hannity should be ashamed!

  • http://twitter.com/NowPossible Bruce Kasanoff

    Some things are just plain wrong. Here’s a movie I’d like to see. Link describes the film.Snakes on a Plane 2: Senators Fly Home http://bit.ly/nxHlLw

  • Humorless

    Hannity may be a moron, but so is his audience.  And he keeps enough of Rush’s sloppy seconds to make that a decent number of dopey rightwingers (including in Utah).   Sean just gut-punched Chaffetz.  The giggly housewives and Rush stragglers Sean gets in Utah will back Hatch now.

  • Anonymous

    Hatch is a republicrap. He is as bad as mitt, bo in white face. Send Hatch down the hatch to the garbage pile. Shame on Hannity. I guess he is a republicrap as well.

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  • joeaiello

    Like an endorsement from blockhead Hannity carries any weight!

  • Anonymous

    C’MON guys, a Republican president’s religion will basically not affect his performance in WHouse.  THIS PRESIDENT, who’s spending $770 MILLION IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES TO BUILD/REPAIR MOSQUES AND BUY THEM COMPUTERS, SUPPORTED OVERTHROW of mid-east/Arab countries by muslim radicals seeking to establish a MUSLIM WORLD GOVT., what other president has ever allowed his religious or racial background to dictate his policies like Obumbler has with his muslim advocacy??  Would you rather have a Mormon in Romney or this deceitful muslim trojan horse Obumbler??  Hannity allows personal relationship with candidates to cloud his judgement sometimes, support for McCain is perfect example–Hannity rails against RINOS in DC, that time after time sabotage Conservative principles and legislation–and McCain is the biggest RINO there followed by Lindsey “Goober” Graham, Collins, Snowe and Dick Lugar.  Hatch isn’t the most dedicated small govt. conservative there but he’s certainly better than a DemocRAT or RINO, unless a good Tea Party conservative can beat Hatch, he’s better than many others. Romney IS NOT MY FIRST CHOICE as I prefer a Pawlenty or Perry, Santorum–any more conservative nominee, but Americans will need to rally around whichever Repub. candidate wins the nomination—OBUMBLER HAS TO BE KICKED OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!

  • CertainlyTruth

    If you reallllllly want to know about Orrin Hatch, you need to get the book: Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.  Sean Hannity seems to have a vested interest in supporting Mormons in government leadership.  Could it be that Bain Capitol owns half of Clear Channel…and Clear Channel owns Premiere Radio networks…and Premiere Radia networks carries Sean Hannity’s radio show?  Could it be so??????  http://rwnetwork.net/Tricia_Erickson

  • democratsarefools

    Mr. Hatch is a wonderful elderly gentleman at this time. And a great Conservative. However in years past he placed congeniality above his political principles and went along with democrats, with a philosophy that said if a pres was elected he / she should have their appointees. Like Geitner, who did not pay his taxes and Holder who pardoned convicted terrorists cause their sentence was too harsh. He did vote against the two Supreme Court nominees. Sorry Mr. Hatch, that was too late for the Tea Party, who speaks for many of us. It is time to go home and think back about your fine and dignified career and pass that baton.