Hammertime: Cut spending just like Uncle Sam!

A very short primer on government spending and government savings.

It’s math like you’ve never seen!

Imagine all the new toys you could buy, and still “save money,” if you were Uncle Sam.

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  • http://twitter.com/wittier Ken Danieli

    Remember the Obama midwest bus tour on that $1.1 MM black bus right before the Martha’s Vineyard vacation?

    This says that He rode Air Force One between the bus stops, instead of using the bus.


  • shepmoors

    Mary Katherine – when will you have your own show on Fox?

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  • Anonymous

    I wish people would cease trying to inflate perceptions of their skill set by calling basic numerical computations (addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, division) and numerical comparisons “mathematics” or “math”, as opposed to the 5th Grade arithmetic that it is.

    • Boglee

      Doesn’t matter what you call it, politicians still don’t understand.