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LIVEBLOG: Obama explains why this isn’t his fault

He’s supposed to make a statement at 1:00. Get set to find out why you’re to blame for all this.

Update: Your scolding has been postponed until 1:30. Take this time to think about what you’ve done, teabagger.

  • Guest

    Auto playing this?  No, you gotta switch it off, guys.

  • truebearing

    Delaying an Obama speech ….the ultimate in ambivalence. You’re glad it’s been delayed, but it puts off the relief of it being over.

  • Jtyummy69

    No more time for pointing fingers! The time is now for the President to take charge and make this wonderful country,magnificant again.Since he`s taken office this country has become the laughing stock of the world.I believe we need a new leader in the White house.If the President stands idle and lets the same ole same ole continue,we will drop into civil unrest.The time to act is now! Mr.President please stand up and take charge!Get our economy back on track now! Funny thing is Wall Street can drop so low,we come into a recession seeming like over night,but when it comes to Washington to fix something it takes decades.I think it`s a bunch of Bull you know what!Take responsability for what you have done to this economy and do it now before we become Europe or Greece,France ect…The United States citizens want something done now! Stop spending now.My daddy taught me the most valuable lesson of my life.He said”son you can not spend youself out of debt no matter what!What is going to take Mr.President?

  • Biggeorge

    Pretty much the main theme of every speech he gives.