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Give a man a fish, and he’ll riot for free fish

If you think things are bad on this side of the pond, at least it’s better than in London. Associated Press:

British Prime Minister David Cameron recalled Parliament from its summer recess Tuesday and tripled the number of police on the streets of London to deal with the crisis touched off by three days of rioting.

Cameron described the scenes of burning buildings and smashed windows in London and several other British cities as “sickening,” but refrained from more extreme measures such as calling in the military to help beleaguered police restore order.

Instead, he said 16,000 officers would be on the streets of the capital Tuesday night — almost tripling the number on the streets Monday night…

A wave of violence and looting raged across London, as authorities struggled to contain the country’s worst unrest since race riots set the capital ablaze in the 1980s. Some 450 arrests have been made.

New events have just been announced for the 2012 London Olympics: the Molotov throw, synchronized looting, and the 400-metre dash for your life.

And the chaos is spreading. ABC News:

The violence and arson attacks that have rattled north London since the weekend have now moved across all parts of the capital and are spreading on a smaller scale to other British cities, the first time the recent unrest has flared outside the U.K.’s capital.

The wave of rioting now entering its third day was sparked by the shooting death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in the Tottenham section of North London on Thursday. Police have said the man had shot at them first. Angry protesters demonstrated against the fatal shooting in the multi-ethnic neighborhood on Saturday, and the march soon degenerated into chaos.

After spreading across London Monday, violence soon ignited in the British cities of Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

Hey, you’ll never guess why this is happening, according to the left. Okay, you can probably guess. Here’s Nina Power, one of the miserable communists at the Guardian, to confirm it:

Those condemning the events in north London and elsewhere would do well to take a step back and consider the bigger picture.

Since the coalition came to power just over a year ago, the country has seen multiple student protests, occupations of dozens of universities, several strikes, a half-a-million-strong trade union march and now unrest on the streets of the capital (preceded by clashes with Bristol police in Stokes Croft earlier in the year). Each of these events was sparked by a different cause, yet all take place against a backdrop of brutal cuts and enforced austerity measures. The government knows very well that it is taking a gamble, and that its policies run the risk of sparking mass unrest on a scale we haven’t seen since the early 1980s. With people taking to the streets of Tottenham, Edmonton, Brixton and elsewhere over the past few nights, we could be about to see the government enter a sustained and serious losing streak.

Hence my headline. Is that really how it works? Is that really how you want it to work?


Nonviolent protest = “SCARY TEABAGGERS!”

Either way, it’s proof that we need more government control of our lives and less of our own hard-earned money in our pockets. No matter what happens, it can be offered as proof that leftism somehow works in the real world.

Speaking of those terrifying, terroristic American Tea Party freaks, who somehow manage to leave the site of a protest in better shape than they found it and without hurting anybody, let’s take a look back at MSNBC’s Martin Bashir a mere three months ago. Here he is pontificating on… well, just watch:

“Isn’t this a wonderful example, as well, of British restraint? Would this happen in America with so many people? Really? …Look at this orderly movement by ordinary British people. I think it’s hugely impressive. Obeying the orders of the police…”

Wonder if the NHS treats loss of clairvoyance.

P.S. “No, no, can’t have you helping with the tidying up, luv. You might not know that broken glass is sharp.

P.P.S. I want this woman to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I am not even kidding.

YouTube Preview Image

P.P.P.S. Brendan O’Neill: “The political context is not the cuts agenda or racist policing – it is the welfare state, which, it is now clear, has nurtured a new generation that has absolutely no sense of community spirit or social solidarity. What we have on the streets of London and elsewhere are welfare-state mobs… This is not a political rebellion; it is a mollycoddled mob, a riotous expression of carelessness for one’s own community. And as a left-winger, I refuse to celebrate nihilistic behaviour that has a profoundly negative impact on working people’s lives.”

P.P.P.P.S. You know things are bad in England when it’s too dangerous to hold a soccer match.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/youcefhadjarab youcef hadjarab

    I have noticed so often that America is compared to Rome, and its subsequent collapse mirrors ours in an alarming way. However, what we must realize is that, when Rome fell, an Empire rose to take its place. Indeed, civilizations never truly disappear, they morph from one form to another. Like Germany; with the collapse of the Weimar republic, we got the third reich. What I fear most is that we may be already witnessing this transformation. A “silent coup” if you will. The actions of one presidency are treated as a floor, not a ceiling, for the next. The last time we have been debt free was during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Did I mention that he abolished the Central Bank of his day? Its sickening to hear politicians talk about “honoring our obligations” to the debt, as if we will ever pay off fourteen trillion dollars. Rather, I feel that this debt is used as an excuse for enslaving us and our children. The interest will suck the blood of our economy. The inflation will destroy our savings, and justify the Social Security fraud that has, along with trillions more in failing ponzi schemes, sap our wealth, but more importantly, I fear that our children are increasingly growing up not knowing the meaning of liberty. They speak not of it, they are instead indoctrinated in schools on the merits of “collectivism”, never learning that free enterprise is the only system that has lifted the masses from their poverty. Everywhere you see politicians attacking those who contribute to economic growth, asking the rich and the corporations to “sacrifice more”, when over half of Americans do not even pay income tax after deductions. Everywhere, even in the republican party, not a single soul questions whether the apparatus of the wellfare state is justified in its existence. Rather, all that is spoken of is the “obligation” to care, the “humanitarian crisis”. That we must share “collectively” and care for one another. I am not selfish. I give to charity. However, I would NEVER point a gun to my neighbor to force him to do the same. We must live by our own standards, setting examples for society. The statists fail to comprehend this simple truth. Live and Let live. We never learn from history, for the people, uneducated in economics, do not understand what is robbing them of their wealth. It is not the rich, who have served as an engine for the employment of the masses, rather, it is the good-for-nothing parasites who inhabit the halls of Washington. There is hope, in that we still have our freedoms. We can still question the orthodoxy. But we must always remember that our current situation is untenable. Liberty is inconsistent with theft on the scale that we see today. We must choose, freedom, or the “faux” security brought to us by bureaucrats. Like so many societies before us, it is this choice that will seal our fate as a nation.

    • Logicplease

      Freedom requires bravery. ” Home of the free, land of the brave.”  See Brothers Karamozov when Ivan imagines the chat between Jesus and the Inquistion, and why the Grand Inquisitor must kill him. Cowards will always choose bread over freedom. “Hope and change” really means, “Secure source of easy life. No stress? No freedom? No problem.”

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this the way it always has worked? Remember how may times arson and rioting has led to peace and prosperity?

  • http://twitter.com/Pamfuscious Pamela

    “New events have just been announced for the 2012 London Olympics: the
    Molotov throw, synchronized looting, and the 400-metre dash for your
    life.” … this is why I love your blog!

  • Anonymous

    I watched a video this afternoon that had me wishing I could shout orders to the retreating cops: ‘Shoot one of the lunatics!  Just One! [Expect the rest to go home and contemplate cost/benefit of their personal behavior]’

    d(^_^)bhttp://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/”Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Sgt Barrett

    No wait! Here it is! This is how it goes.If you find a homeless man and you give him a fish, he’ll eat for a day.If he’s part of the union, he’ll riot for FREE CHIPS! 

    (As arrogantly stolen from NCY Conservative.  Thanks for that awesome quote!  I posted it all over my Facebook too!!  LOL!!)

  • Anonymous

    When on summer holidays in Canada, the part that is not Toronto, I had an epiphany.
    There is a local issue regarding LNG in New Brunswick.  Many local businesses had stickers expressing opposition to it. 
    I asked about it, said I really did know the issues and wished them the best.
    Epiphany – in a homogenous population, an issue can be discussed on its merits better than in a divided society.
    No race hustlers threaten boycotts because something will “hurt their community”, no accusations of racism.  Yes, some complaints about those oil companies, the USA, but it was a discussion of the issue not a replay of a Spike Lee Joint production.  No La Raza activists using it as an example of their land being stolen from them again. 
    I know my view is superficial, that First Nations probably do something similar and political correctness and fear of offending protected classes (Mark Steyn, Ezra Klein, comedians who heckle back at lesbian hecklers) may be a big problem.  But having less diversity may allow for more diversity of opinion and a more civil discourse.

    Of course, I may be completely wrong.

    • Dude in TX

      Solzhenitsyn, I believe you mean “Ezra Levant”.

      • Anonymous

        thank you for the correction

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