King requests investigation of ‘administration-sanctioned’ film on classified bin Laden raid

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has called for an investigation into reports that the Obama administration is granting Sony Pictures and director Kathryn Bigelow “high-level access” for a film about the Navy SEAL operation which killed Osama Bin Laden. The movie is scheduled for release one month before the 2012 presidential election.

New York Republican Rep. Peter King sent a letter Tuesday to Defense Department Inspector General Gordon Heddell and CIA Inspector General David Buckley, expressing his concern about declassifying sensitive information for pure entertainment.

“The administration’s first duty in declassifying material is to provide full reporting to Congress and the American people, in an effort to build public trust through transparency of government,” he wrote. “In contrast, this alleged collaboration belies a desire of transparency in favor of a cinematographic view of history.”

In his letter, Rep. King noted that the mission was successful because it was extremely covert, and that providing “high-level access” to a Hollywood filmmaker runs contrary to that effort.

“Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen stated that ‘It is time to stop talking,’ as ‘We have gotten to a point where we are close to jeopardizing the precision capability that we have, and we can’t afford to do that. This fight isn’t over,’” King wrote.

“Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates stated that ‘Too many people in too many places are talking too much about this operation, and when so much detail is available it makes that both more difficult and riskier’ for such missions in the future.”

King requested in his letter that the Defense Department’s and CIA’s Inspectors General investigate meetings that occurred between Hollywood executives and government officials; how much information has been compromised; how Agency officers will keep their identities secret; and whether the military and CIA will get to pre-screen the movie to ensure it doesn’t disclose state secrets.

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  • JIM

    this traitor doesn’t give a rats ass about any service member or their family, his only job from now to 2012  is to make sure he gets his black commie traitor ass reelected so he can finish destroying America……………..BHO = AMERICAS NUMBER ONE MUSLIM TERRORIST

  • JIM

    this traitor doesn’t give a rats ass about any service member or their family, his only job from now to 2012  is to make sure he gets his black commie traitor ass reelected so he can finish destroying America……………..BHO = AMERICAS NUMBER ONE MUSLIM TERRORIST

  • Brutus2

    Under campaign financing regs, this film should be reported as a campaign contribution and any theater running it should be required to provide equal time to GOP/Independent candidates.

  • joanf

    We need more Congressmen of Peter King’s caliber. He is one of the few that are willing to take on the radical element that want to see America.  God Bless Peter King.

    • joanf

      sorry- i forgot the last words it should have read,  that want to see America go down.

  • fielding mellish

    come on folks, parry can make a film about shooting that coyote

    • joanf

      You have some nerve  equating a shooting of a Coyote, to the brave deeds of Navy Seals who put their lives on the line to kill Osama Bin Laden. If this your message, you are not living in the real world..The film, is a propaganda flick to portray President Obama as a decisive hero,.and is being produced with the assistance of the Pentagon,  which could release info that puts future Seal operations in danger. By the way, the movie is planned to be released one month before the 2012 election.  Is this  transparency Obama promised in 2008?  That worked out well didn’t it!

  • Outdoorguy

    Obamamama did NOTHING!!  . Our Seal’s DID IT!
    He’s a schrewd coniveing person and MUST  BE KICKED OUT  of th W.H.
    He is a military hateing Dem. I truly fear for my country. And I was always PROUD of America,
     Not like him and his witch of a wife.

    • Ts11

      Didn’t you mean BITCH of a wife

  • james reese

    Here’s the thing about the so-called “Gutsy Call” when Obama sent the SEALS to kill Bin Laden. A “Gutsy Call” means that you have a choice, albeit a tough choice. Obama had no choice in the matter. If it had come out that they knew where Bin Laden was and did nothing, Obama would be a 1 termer. The gutsy call was the only choice. I support the decision but come on people. It was the only call that could’ve been made.

    • joanf

      What a egotist Obama is. Every time he talks it’s me- me- me.  I know he had a unusual childhood but so did a lot of us..

  • Anonymous

    The only thing Obama did during the whole operation was watch it on the sat tv in the room pic tured above. The morons in this admin could never had planned any of this Panetta had zero operational experiance and Gates had some in his past. The men and women of the CIA and DOD gathered and carried this all out and if this admin had keept the mouths shut we would be killing more of those idiots like Zalwahri but now they may know what to expect and are protecting him differently. We the public should never had know what came out of that raid intell wise but this admin wanted to party and pat themseleves on the back for a job done by others. This movie I am sure will place Obama in a better light than reality and they really don’t know how it was done and or how the intell was collected and in the end it is just a movie.

  • Amazingoly

    Sue to make them show their political movie AFTER the election, not before.  Sickening Obama is doing this for votes.