Politicos unpopular with infants [SLIDESHOW]

Sometimes, even the smoothest of politicians cannot resonate with young children. I’m looking at you, Mr. President of the United States. But not to worry, President Barack Obama, you are not the first politico to distress an infant by your mere presence.

If you have ever unsuccessfully tried to console a screaming baby, perhaps you can sympathize with the politicians who simply never acquired the magic touch to soothe sad little tykes. Even Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, the biological mother of five and foster mom for dozens, could not quell the anxieties of three-month-old Reese Benjamin during an appearance Tuesday in Iowa. If she cannot do it, who can?

The congresswoman is not alone. Scroll through our gallery of politicos who could not calm down babies.

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  • The baby looks about ready to explode...
  • I'm sensing mutual hatred here...
  • "I'd rather be dropped than in your arms!"
  • "Are you done, Jimmy Carter? I've got places to be, so if we're going to hang out, you have to lose the sullen look."
  • Bachmann just can't catch a break with photos these days. Which is worse: This snapshot or the Newsweek cover? I can't decide.