Huntsman campaign picks up former T-Paw staffer

Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign didn’t wait very long before snatching up a former Tim Pawlenty staffer.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported Monday that Sarah Crawford Stewart, T-Paw’s New Hampshire campaign director has signed on with team Huntsman. (RELATED: Suddenly, everyone wants to be Pawlenty’s friend)

While Stewart won’t be considered an official campaign staffer, she is joining as New Hampshire senior adviser.

“Governor Huntsman is committed to winning the New Hampshire primary, and I look forward to helping him and his team do just that,” said Stewart in announcing her decision. “I viewed Gov. Huntsman as somebody with exceptional governing experience. And I viewed him as someone who would be the strongest competitor against President Obama in a general election.”

Huntsman’s campaign strategy hinges on a clean win in New Hampshire. He has already spent countless days there campaigning since officially announcing his candidacy two months ago.

Pawlenty dropped out of the race Sunday morning after a disappointing third-place finish in the Ames Straw Poll. His campaign staff, including campaign manager Nick Ayers, communications director Alex Conant and adviser Phil Musser, could all be snatched up by the remaining campaigns in the coming days.

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  • loudog

    Still the most qualified candidate from either party:

    Wiki- Huntsman worked as a White House staff assistant for Ronald Reagan, and he was appointed by George H.W. Bush as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and later as United States Ambassador to Singapore from 1992–1993. Huntsman served as Deputy United States Trade Representative under George W. Bush, launching global trade negotiations in Doha, Qatar in 2001 and guiding the accession of China and Taiwan into the World Trade Organization.
    Huntsman was elected Governor of Utah in 2004 and won re-election in 2008 with nearly 78% of the vote. During his tenure, Huntsman cut taxes by more than $400 million—the largest tax cut in the state’s history—while still maintaining a budget surplus and Utah was named the “Best Managed State in America” by Pew Research Center.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, like Perry, he does have a good, long, career-politician record.  Strangely, the Utahns who so adored him couldn’t stand his social views and were shocked by his diluted religious convictions, and now prefer Romney to their own governor by about 8 to 1.

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  • eddie333

    Soon, she will again be looking for a job/

  • barryaz

    It doesn’t matter, Huntsman is the next to go bye bye. Too liberal for anyones taste except the ems.

  • Anonymous

     What could go wrong… worked out well for T-Paw… ; )