Perry leads first GOP primary poll since Ames

In the first national polling done since the major shake-up in the presidential race this weekend – with Rick Perry entering, Michele Bachmann winning the Ames Straw Poll, and Tim Pawlenty dropping out – a Rasmussen poll released Tuesday finds Perry leading the field by a healthy margin.

Perry gets 29 percent of the vote in the poll, topping second place Mitt Romney by over 10 percent; Romney draws 18 percent of the vote. Michele Bachmann takes third place with 13 percent, and Ron Paul gets nine percent.

It is worth noting that candidates regularly see a boost in their popularity following an announcement – whether or not that bump lasts is open for question.

The Texas governor also drums up the most enthusiasm. 38 percent of likely Republican primary voters say they have a favorable opinion of him, and 31 percent have a somewhat favorable opinion of him. 32 percent say they have a very favorable opinion of Bachmann, while 39 percent say they have a somewhat favorable opinion of her. Only 21 percent say they have a very favorable opinion of Romney, while 56 percent have a somewhat favorable opinion.

Members of the tea party are far more supportive of Perry than Romney, who was formerly the obvious frontrunner, a position Perry seems to have usurped, for now, at least. People who say they are members of the tea party overwhelmingly support Perry – giving him 39 percent of the vote. Bachmann jumps to second place with 21 percent, and Romney falls to 9 percent, behind Ron Paul, who gets 11 percent.

Perry also leads with those who are not members of the tea party, getting 27 percent, but Romney is a very close second at 24 percent. Among this group, Michele Bachmann’s support falls to 11 percent. (WATCH: Candidate Rick Perry’s inaugural 2012 video)

The poll is based on automated telephone surveys of 1,000 likely Republican primary voters on August 15.

  • Anonymous

    Come on people, wake up and support Ron Paul!  He is the only one telling us the truth!

    We cannot support both the welfare AND warfare state at the same time!  No other candidate is even TALKING about bringing the troops home.  

    Obama is going to run on “bringing the troops home” and will outmaneuver any other candidate besides Ron Paul on this major issue for the jobless and war-weary American people.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Trust the polls to sell you exactly
    what the media wants to sell you

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