Gene Simmons declares Rick Perry the next president

While many Republicans are still trying to decide which GOP candidate they will support in the primary season, KISS rocker Gene Simmons has already fired his “love gun” at the race’s newest candidate.

In two tweets yesterday afternoon, the ostentatious singer predicted that Texas Governor Rick Perry will win the presidency in 2012. While not providing any specific reasoning or argument behind his bold prediction, Simmons touted his previous record of confirmed electoral predictions as undeniable proof that he would be right again.

“I voted for Pres Bush. I voted for Pres Clinton. I voted for Pres Obama. The next president will be Gov Rick Perry,” Simmons tweeted.

He also cited Perry’s well-known party switch in 1989 as proof that Perry can win the White House.

“Gov Perry worked for Al Gore and then switched to Republican. He will be our next President. I’ve never been wrong.”

While the iconic musician may claim to be an infallible crystal ball, Simmons has on multiple occasions expressed regret for voting for President Obama. In an interview with CNBC last May, Simmons, who is Jewish, slammed the President for calling on Israel to return to its 1967 borders.

“I think [Barack Obama] is actually a good guy. He has no fucking idea what the world is like because he doesn’t have to live there,” the vociferous musician told a rather startled Jane Wells.

In the same interview, the increasingly political Simmons waged a harsh war of words against the United Nations, calling it the “most pathetic body on the face of the planet,” “garbage infested,” and a “paper tiger.”

Simmons did, however, accurately predict the outcome of the 2010 mid-term elections last September, forecasting that the tea party movement would bring “major change.” Only time will tell whether the KISS front man will be right again. (RELATED: Perry wins straw poll … in Alabama)

“Who am I to say that what they’re doing is right or wrong? At the end of the day, no matter what anyone believes in, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you have the opportunity to vote, and express your feelings,” Simmons explained.

  • Gene

    Who is this old guy? Was he in that Clown Posse band or what? I never heard of him….

  • Mr Pandora

    I wish Gene would go back to saying rock stars have no business talking politics.

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  • jimkainz

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