Lieberman hasn’t decided if he will endorse Obama for re-election

Connecticut Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman won’t endorse President Obama for re-election until he has a chance to compare the president to the Republican Party’s nominee.

On Tuesday, Lieberman was asked on the radio program “America’s Morning News” if he would endorse Obama. “I haven’t decided,” he said, “I’m just waiting to see who the Republican candidate is and what President Obama’s positions are at that point.

“I got a little time as an independent not to feel rushed, because this is an important position,” said Lieberman, who actively campaigned for Republican nominee John McCain in 2008.

Lieberman is not seeking re-election in 2012 after serving four terms in the Senate. He was elected three times as a Democrat and in 2000 was Al Gore’s running mate. In 2006, Lieberman lost the Democratic nomination for Senate, but successfully won re-election as an independent.

  • Utrejr

    Are you kidding me? LIEberman did not support Obama in 2008.  He  endorsed McCain.  LIEberman is jealous OBH became president and he could not even become VP.  Let us talk about the difference between a christian and a conservative. 

  • Humorless

    Soon as the GOP Nominee starts moving to the Center after the Convention and says stuff about a “bipartisan Cabinet, with somebody like Joe Lieberman as SecState”…..Joe will endorse “somebody”.

  • Anonymous

    Lieberman has always been a liberal and liberalism is a mental disease so that should take care of anything he says. When he leaves the Senate should be able to get a job, just put a red nose on him and he’ll be Bozo the Clown. 

  • WhataBunchofShi

    GO AHEAD and WE WILL BOOT you TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zedoc

    I don’t get it. Liberman didn’t support Obama in the last election. He famously rallied around McCain / Palin. And Obama certainly hasn’t won anybody over, so why would Liberman support Obama now??? He would be the only person in American to go from not supporting Obama to supporting him.