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And now, a word from the ‘Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy’

Courtesy of Salon.com and presented without further comment, here’s a full-page ad appearing in the latest edition of the Austin Chronicle alt-weekly:


Are you a stripper, an escort, or just a “young hottie” impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas?

Contact CASH, and we will help you publicize your direct dealings with a Christian-buzzwords-spouting, “family values” hypocrite and fraud.


Robert Morrow, CASH president


or email:


Offer not valid for enabling wives wearing Hillary Clinton boots.

Note to gay people: If you know the truth about Rick, please QUIT covering for him.

  • Steve

     Rick Perry’s nickname in the Texas House of Representatives when he was originally elected: : “Crotch” because he wore his pants so tight on his crotch.  Rick said it was his wife that spent $78.26 for a drag queen show at the La Ti Da Hotel in Key West, Florida that showed up on his expense report to The Texas Ethics Committee.  TTEC changed the rule regarding the Texas governor publically divulgeing an expense report.  A Texas Governor does not have to publicaly divulge the expense report now, after the lead of him going to the La Ti Da Hotel, a GBLT off season hotel.

  • Politicalleftpost

    Let’s rephrase the question.  It will be a much shorter list…”Who hasn’t had sex with Rick Perry?”

    • Jim Treacher

      Okay, let’s talk about your mommy issues. What in particular do you think it was that made her reject you?

    • Mark

       LMFAO — as if anyone who voted for Obama has anything of value to say.  Go drink your koolaid and gaze lovely at your hope & change poster.

      Maybe God will forgive you for voting for Obama, I however, will not. 

  • http://twitter.com/#!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

    Is this a case of the CASH President trying to help out the DEBT President?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZZKBYD63DHHQNGOHSBBU3EG5BU Gazoo

    You know whats sad….people who vote for reasons like “hes handsome, clean cut, nice wife,  there a DEM OR REP, she is pretty, their black, mexican, christian, or any other dumb reason. If your not smart enough to know what your doing at voting time and your only following the sheep…please don’t vote!!! Educate yourself on the Candidates and there experience. Im voting Ron Paul, guys got a clean record and has strong principal. He’s a doctor and also part of the house’s monetary policy subcommittee. He grills the Federal Reserve every time for misusing and misplacing our tax dollars and is constantly pushing for transparency. He wants to end all wars. Guard our borders. This man means business when it comes to banks screwing the people over. vote Ron Paul. Research him because the mainstream media doesn’t do a very good job at giving him air time. They dont want him to win so they dont post much on Ron Paul…..2012!

    • Anonymous

      … and he ran from the room screaming “he’s a queer !  get him away from me !”  when he was hit on in the “bruno” movie. classy guy.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who is personally familiar with the one-on-one deal with Larry Sinclair and Barrack Obama please come forward now to correct this glaring historical deficiency before the facts become lost.  Also any hottie or not-so-hot girl, woman, group or groupie who has experienced a personal relationship with Barrack Obama aka “Barry Sotero” aka “Barry Obama” regardless if it was in Pakistan (when the person of interest was in Pakistan travelling on his Indonesian passport), Indonesia, Kenya (elementary school age) or in any of the 57 Islamic States or here in America: Please contact The Drudge Report, Wiki-Leaks, Fox News, your local free clinic and finally the Lamestream media.