Levin calls for integration of Obama vacation spot Martha’s Vineyard

Although a lot has been said about the timing of President Obama’s vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, not much has been said about the spot itself, other than some criticism about the tone-deafness of a president vacationing at a haven for the well-to-do while so many Americans are struggling financially.

On his Friday radio program, Mark Levin took a look at the racial makeup of the Obama vacation spot and likened it to the left-leaning MSNBC cable news network.

“But what about on Martha’s Vineyard?” Levin said. “I’m just asking. Doesn’t Martha’s Vineyard kind of reflect the racial make-up of the hosts on MSNBC, or as we affectionately call them ‘MSLSD’ because they all seem like they’re on some kind of a drug kick? I’m not saying they are. I’m saying they seem like it.”

Levin criticized the spot because of the lack of economic diversity as well: a place where the rich go, but the average American can’t afford.

“How about the diversity on Martha’s Vineyard?” he continued. “There’s a reason people go to this island where there’s a lot of rich people. I’m not against islands with rich people but I thought you liberals were. This island with rich people, where the average Joe or Jane can’t get there, can’t afford it — there’s a reason why he finds that so attractive, where that’s where he wants to go for his vacation. The guy says one thing and he does another. He talks about how we should live and he lives a completely different way.” (RELATED: Obama summer reading list has drama, passion and intrigue)

The Levin proposal: The integration of Martha’s Vineyard, once he overcomes the logistical obstacles.

“We need to figure out how to integrate Martha’s Vineyard,” Levin said. “We can’t have busing obviously because buses don’t drive on water. How about these water taxis? Can we do that, Mr. Producer? Back and forth every day? Why not? Maybe I’ll lead a movement: the movement to integrate the island of Martha’s Vineyard. There should be more than millionaires and billionaires of the Caucasian persuasion there. Maybe all the hosts there at the ‘MSLSD’ — maybe they’ll join this in this effort.” (WATCH: Mark Levin: ‘I believe Sarah Palin will run for president’)

  • Pmurray3

    Martha’s Vineyard is probably the most integrated upscale vacation spot in the world.  Obama can’t help it if many of the black people on the island have money or are the working class who actually live on the island.  Betcha Levin has never been there.  Why do you think Clinton and Obama went there.  It’s racially integrated, stupid, that’s why.  You’re an idiot Mark Levin

  • Anonymous

    No normal person of sound mind and body would deign to waste even 2 seconds of leisure time among those mountebanks with fat portfolios, inflated egos and nothing else.  I fart in the direction of their tea rooms and boutiques.  Massatwoshits oughta be kicked out of the Union anyway.

  • Disgusted

    I am Jewish, and I think Mark Levin is one of the most hateful and destructive persons in the media.  Most of what he says is either factually false or so twisted that there is little truth to it.  Everytime he opens his mouth, he makes me ashamed of that fact that this hateful person shares my religion.

    • Valerie Wilker

      Give an example of something he has said that is “factually false”.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps being Jewish shouldn’t have anything to do with this. Why bring it into it? I think you have the problem, Sir!
      The issue under discussion is what is best for the United States of America!

  • melody

    What the hell is your point?