McCain: ‘I do not know’ if Palin will run

In a Sunday interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain said his former running mate Sarah Palin had not asked for his advice on running for president, and that he didn’t know whether she was planning on entering the 2012 race, reports Roll Call.

Though he claimed he hadn’t spoken with Palin about a possible run, McCain did say he would “certainly put some credence to Karl Rove,” the former Bush adviser who predicted this weekend that Palin would enter the race near Labor Day, based on her schedule of upcoming appearances. But “she has not asked my advice, and I do not know” if she’ll run, McCain said. (Rove on Palin: ‘I think she gets in’)

But regardless of whether she enters the Republican field of candidates, McCain said he would “take a while” before supporting a candidate. “My sympathy is with all of you,” McCain, who also ran for the Republican nomination in 2000, said to all those vying for the White House. “I’m glad I’m not with you.”

McCain also explained a Senate floor speech he made in July in which he compared some Republican colleagues to hobbits. McCain was quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial that compared conservatives with “unrealistic” expectations to characters from “The Lord of the Rings.”

McCain was talking about conservatives’ insistence on a balanced budget amendment during the debt ceiling debate. “The Senate would not pass — would not get 67 votes … We could not have passed it. That was unrealistic, hobbits are unrealistic, it was unrealistic to say.”

  • biggyfries

    So what did we learn in this article? Not a damned thing–McCain is just being McCain, neither fish nor fowl, never says anything definitive, and who would consult with him over campaign advise anyway? McCain is a non issue, and a notoriously weak campaigner. He only won his last race by a miracle of circumstance. He is the LAST person I’d talk to if I were Sarah.

  • Maggsthailand

    “Rebels control Libya.  Very good.”  (For Tea party Members–this is a country in N. [N=North] Korea.  They aren’t Christians.  It is not near Mexico.”   “I like Burrito’s”.  Palin’s response to developing news in the middle east.  (TRIPOLI (Reuters) ) 

  • David F Diamond

    Palin wil not run for President but will run for McCains Senate seat in Arizona — as soon as he retires or resigns.  Which may happen soon.  He’s getting tired, methinks.


  • nokoolaidforme

    Please let her run….The more idiots gathered in one place….the better.

  • nokoolaidforme

    Please let her run….The more idiots gathered in one place….the better.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TXCZ4F5UEYZDKHRPDYRLSEFRNQ Charles

    The only thing Bush did right was,SHUT UP. McCain would do well if he followed along.

  • RUclueless

    McCain as usual you don’t know SH*T!!  STFU and GO AWAY!!!!

  • Humorless

    Forget the head-to-head polls if you wish (Obama vs. Palin, Obama +10 or more) and just look at her negatives, the percentage of the public who do not care for her (cross-Party, including Independents).  They’re at Gingrich levels.   Rove wants Palin to run because he’s read them too and knows she will hurt Perry in the Primaries, allowing Romney to get the nomination.

  • Anonymous

    To those making a once-in-a-lifetime run for the greatest elected office in the world Mr. McCain says:  “My sympathy is with all of you. I’m glad I’m not with you.”

    That is one of those Freudian-slip remarks that tells you a lot more than you ever wanted to know about the type of man John McCain is when no one is watching. What a sad, sick thing to say.