Romney plans to quadruple the size of his California home

Mitt Romney’s $12 million, 3,009-square-foot home is apparently just not big or expensive enough for the former Massachusetts governor and his wife. He’s filed an application with the city of La Jolla to bulldoze the puny house and start all over again.

If the application is approved, the new home will be a quaint 11,062 square feet. (Romney still ahead in NH after GOP primary shake-up)

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Romney purchased the Spanish-style house three years ago. The listing agent describes the residence, which is at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, as sophisticated and understated, “offering complete privacy and unsurpassed elegance.”

Romney moved into the home, once owned by former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor, because he “wanted to be where I could hear the waves.”

“As a boy we spent summers on lake Huron and I could hear the crashing waves at night. It was one of my favorite things in the world; being near the water and the waves was something I very badly wanted to experience again,” he told reporters at a book signing last year.

San Diego County Democratic Party Chairman Jess Durfee used the potential new home augmentation as a pretext to attack Romney politically. “Let’s hope he hires a contractor that provides union-equivalent wages and helps to stimulate the local economy,” Durfee said. “He also could register to vote here and help out the Republicans, whose numbers are dwindling.”

Romney spokesman Ryan Williams declined to comment on the Union-Tribune story.

The plans for construction call for new retaining walls and a new, relocated driveway. The lap pool and spa on the property would remain untouched.

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  • Tammy

    Mitsy inherited his wealth and inherited advantages & selling out the country at Bain Capital. Remember  MA was 47th in job creation when he was gov.
    This house will create a few temporary jobs and a few household jobs. What about the thousands of good paying permanent jobs he destroyed?
    It seems like he’s destroyed many more jobs than he has ever/will ever create.
    Romney’s Bain Capital Profited Through Offshore Tax Havens, Closing U.S. Factories, Laying Off WorkersDuring his campaign, Republican candidate Mitt Romney has preached a message of economic populism by vowing to fight to keep jobs in America. We take a look at Romney’s days heading up the buyout firm Bain Capital with Los Angeles Timesreporter, Bob Drogin. He writes, “From 1984 until 1999, Romney led Bain Capital, a Boston-based private equity group that earned jaw-dropping profits through leveraged buyouts, debt hedge funds, offshore tax havens and other financial strategies. In some cases, Romney’s team closed U.S. factories, causing hundreds of layoffs, or pocketed huge fees shortly before companies collapsed.” [includes rush transcript]

  • http://foxnews.com glenng1

    Why in Gods name would Romney want to live in California? Now I’m certain he is a Demoncratic plant.

  • Anonymous

    The left, of course, wouldn’t be happy until Romney either:

    a) switched to (D), adopting their social policies
    b) went back in time and erased his business success
    c) moved into a box and paid everything he owned in taxes to prop up some government building project of similar scale

    Romney is pursuing the American dream, and home construction is a primary driver of economic growth.  I guess he makes jobs in more ways than just as a businessman and governor.  Beside that, he’s poised to reform our sputtering economic framework, depending on Congressional co-operation.  How much more do we want of him?  Giving millions to charity, or something?


  • Anonymous

    He also plans on quadrupling the size and scope of Government and the National debt, the NSA, the number of Illegals, the number of Rights we are losing and on and on.

    He’s a status quo candidate that will dilute the warmongering, big government loving, tax and spend RINO neo-con Republicans. Which is a good thing for Ron Paul.