Howard Dean: ‘Huntsman is a great candidate for president but he is in the wrong party’

It’s not an endorsement that former Utah Gov. John Huntsman likely asked for, but his policy positions have won the support of Howard Dean.

On MSNBC’s Tuesday broadcast of “Morning Joe,” the former Democratic National Committee chairman and Vermont governor praised Huntsman, especially as he stacks up against other GOP contenders.

“Jacob [Weisberg, of Slate] wrote this was ‘the thinking man’s candidate,'” said Dean. “There aren’t any thinking people in the Republican Party. I’m serious. Name a few thoughtful policy analysts in the Republican Party — not Rick Perry, not Michele Bachmann. Look at all these people. Huntsman is the real deal.”

As for the others considered potential “thinking man’s” candidates, like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, they had flaws.

“The problem with Mitt Romney is, Mitt Romney is thoughtful and he is smart and he’s lived in the real world, but he’ll say roughly anything to get elected,” Dean alleged. “Newt is great. I like Newt a lot. He has a lot of interesting ideas. The trouble is that his own friends will tell you that he comes out with ten ideas a day and one of them makes sense. Is that the guy you want in the White House?”

Ultimately, Dean suggested Huntsman should be a Democrat.

“I learned that Jon Huntsman is a great candidate for president but he is in the wrong party,” Dean said. “I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that from me.”

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  • Maria

    Howard Dean should be a candidate!  I think he shouldn’t have cut short the campaign when he was running for president years ago… It was a really ridiculous reason for that, ignited by the Republicans’ fear of Dean being so popular.  The media also helped, running that stupid video over and over again to ridicule a perfectly normal excitement when he was ahead of every candidate. When are people going to think about serious issues when looking at a candidate? 

  • BL

    He’s intelligent, competent, rationale and articulate, experienced with a broad world view. Absolutely no chance in the insane world of the GOP.

  • Shooter

    When our grandparents and great grandparents immigrated, they were expected to (and, in fact, wanted to) assimilate to their new country.  You know, language, customs, traditions.  They certainly were not asked to forget all of theirs, just understand and don’t try to diminish ours.  Today, we are expected to somehow conform to all of theirs, which is impossible.  So, what we end up doing is diminshing ours as a sort of compromise or apology to everyone else.  Generations ago, would Brits or French ever imagine Sharia Law taking hold in portions of their country?  But that can’t happen here, right?
    Also, you did completely miss my point.  I never argued your persecution assertion.  We are, in fact, a majority being persecuted by a minority.  A minority that comes across as whiny, bitchy malcontents who, as has always been the case, are still free to hold whatever beliefs they wish and express them in virtually any manner they choose.

    • Shooter

      That was supposed to be a response post to Seamac below.

  • Anonymous

    This is a Commander in Chief Ladies and Gentlemen:
    George Bush and the Wounded Warriors 3-day Texas mountain bike trek (July 4, 2011)  
    The bottom line of that grueling event was summarized by Bush 43 with this statement:
    “Hey, if they can overcome what they’ve been through, I can do it too!”

  • Anonymous

    Howard who?
    Morning Jolt; Jim Geraghty;  8-23-11;  “John Huntsman joined the Obama administration with the best of intentions and the highest of hopes, a desire to prove that politics stops at the water’s edge and that when dealing with a challenging, threatening world, America’s political leaders act in unity. He admits he knew he had some disagreements with Obama, but he felt that he could steer foreign policies in the right direction by having a seat at the table.And then, in detail, Huntsman paints a picture of an administration that is flailing, frozen with indecision, short-sighted, often at war with itself, disorganized, and ultimately lacking any sense of what it wanted to do after Obama had finished his apology tour.He says things like, “The charm offensive wasn’t just this president’s first foreign-policy tool; it was his only one. And when it failed to achieve significant concessions from either our allies or our foes, the president and the team around him had no plan B.”He points out that Obama and Hillary’s constant invocation of a “reset” button reflects an immature yearning to go back to some earlier, simpler time, out of a misplaced nostalgic belief that foreign-policy challenges were easier to solve in past years, and a tacit admission that they cannot make progress in current circumstances. “We have to deal with the world as it is; yelling ‘do-over’ doesn’t even work in the schoolyard.”Huntsman sets a record for talking out of school, sharing a series of anecdotes that make Joe Biden look cloddish, Hillary Clinton frustrated, dismissed, and quick to lash out, David Axelrod meddling in areas he doesn’t understand, and the man at the top so far out of his league he terrifies Huntsman.Huntsman shares frustrating tales of trying to be the voice of reason while the president tried to tailor his foreign policies to the whims of congressional Democrats. He laments that Obama’s Middle East vision begins and ends with Israeli settlements, that he effectively sold out Iranian democracy protesters in pursuit of a Quixotic dream of a summit with Tehran, and that in two short years he has snubbed India and insulted almost every major ally. He laments that the administration was caught flat-footed time and again: cartel violence in Mexico spilling over the border, North Korean shelling, WikiLeaks, the uprising in Egypt and beyond.He ends his litany, “And I told him the president of the United States isn’t supposed to bow.”


    Let’s see;….I Mr Dean say as such?…..could be that Huntsman is another rino-type republican ready to make ‘deals’ and ‘compromises’ for ‘special and selfish interets’….or…perhaps, that the man (Hunstman) is just a real liberal-infiltration ‘engeeniered’ to take down the republicans from within.

    Any whichway you put this?…. there is a massive DECEPTION WAVE trying to pre-preset the scenario for a mega-assault of FRAUD which is expected to be generated by liberals for the incomind 2012 presidential elections.

    Liberal will try to pull the same thing they did for 2008,….only this time since their front-face / propagandist / special token character (Obama) is virtually depleted from his quasi-god-like image,….thay will try other people,….like for example,….uhh!! let’s say,…Mr EVAN BAHY from Indiana…??? (just to mention one possibility).

    Everyone interested out there, take it from there, and make your own story.

    Input anyone?  Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/5C7WZCT2SBVMN2CPGRGJMVYQQA aelfheld

    Well of course Dean likes Huntsman – he knows Huntsman is the one Republican candidate guaranteed to lose to BHO.