Krauthammer says U.S. intervention in Libya ‘late and slow,’ but praises Obama

Everyone loves a winner and the fall of Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya was certainly a winning proposition for U.S. interests. So should the Obama administration get credit for it?

According to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, the Obama administration should, but not without some criticism. On Monday’s broadcast of “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, he explained.

“It’s a good day for Libyans, America, and the world, but — and, I must say, Obama for the policy instituted. However, as John McCain has said, and I think he is right, this took longer and it cost more lives that it should be. All of these events, these revolutions have two phases. They happened in Afghanistan and it happened here. Chapter one, get rid of the regime. And then chapter two is stabilization.”

Krauthammer explained that Libya should have been easier to topple than Afghanistan and Iraq because it lacked the geographic obstacles of those two nations.

“Compare chapter one in three cases – Afghanistan, it took 63 days,” he continued. “That is a landlocked country, difficult access, no access on the ground. Iraq took three weeks – a small opening to the sea into Basra, no access from the north as a result of the Turks denying us access. Libya is a dictatorship with cardboard army lying on a long coastline with essentially nothing else on the doorstep of the Mediterranean in reach of American and European naval and air assets, and it took six months. It shouldn’t have. But, yes, in the end it did work, and I think the administration ought to get at least the credit for getting us involved even though it was late and slow.”

  • truebearing

    Europe initiated this action, not Obama, and Europe did the majority of the fighting, what relatively little there was. Obama voted present, again. he also violated his own stated beliefs by not getting the approval of Congress…an institution he served in for almost two years, and has shown as little respect for as he does our constitution.

  • raster44

    Catch 22! Damned if you do! Damned if you don’t! Critics complain either way you go! Krauthammer is a “JOKE”!

  • Robert

    As of right now, the rebels report they intend to use Shariya law for their constitution.  So women’s rights have been substantially destoryed.  Right on, Obama!  The foreign policy of the Unted Staes makes little sense.  When a building gets blown up in the U.S. from the Libyian rebels with weapons we supplied them let’s hear it for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, Charles! You’ve got this positioning your self on every possible side down pat! I’m impressed!

  • Anonymous

    With Libya, for once, Obama did something presidential.  It was the American public who screwed this one up, with all their opposition and griping about freedom’s price tag in backwater Libya, whining about how “millions” and “billions” actually equate with “trillions” in their tiny brains.  First the left back-stabbed freedom under Bush, and now the right has done so under Obama.  Is there any shadow or flicker left of that “greatest generation”, beside Krauthammer and McCain?  Beyond Syria, I wonder about the future of this world, whose only policemen are either going mercenary and demanding payment in-kind (the black kind), or are just bent on early retirement.  “Leave the job to the crooks; it’s their turn.”  Can such a snivelling lot of patriots as we have now even be trusted to protect themselves, let alone their neighbours?

  • RetiredSgt

    What about Syria????  Oh, yea!! I remember Syria doesn’t have enough oil for the European market. The only reason we helped in Libya was to make sure the Europeans have enough oil.

    • Anonymous

      There is something most commenters who say, “it’s all about oil,” don’t understand. Yes, resources are a large part, and so are the contracts to rebuild Libya. The bigger picture, however, is that Kaddaffi and “national sovereignty” doedn’t fit into the overall plans of the “global players”. What will replace this regime, and any others who aren’t team players is the Muslim Brotherhood with whom Hillary Clinton has already cut a deal. Watch and see if this same group doesn’t end up on top in Syria also. Sovereign Nations of the world….BEWARE!!