Tea Party group to convene conference… at Harvard

You probably don’t see many tea partiers in the hallways at Harvard Law.

But that will change next month when Tea Party Patriots, an umbrella organization of local tea party groups, holds a conference there with legal experts to talk about different ways the U.S. Constitution could be amended.

The group plans to discuss this topic on Sept. 24 and 25 — specifically how feasible it would be to hold a constitutional convention. The event will include experts who will discuss “their interpretations of Article V, their understanding of how the Founders viewed the provision and how a Constitutional Convention would operate today,” according to a release.

“The Founders included the Amendment process for the states to resist federal overreach and a convention would give states the chance to exert their authority and overturn unconstitutional laws,” said Mark Meckler, a national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, who said the group isn’t yet supporting the idea of a convention, but is merely interested in exploring it. (29 percent of voters say tea partiers are terrorists)

“It is an idea that deserves reasoned discussion without the partisan or ideological underpinnings,” he said.

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig said, “From the Tea Party Right to the Progressive Left, there is agreement that something fundamental has gone wrong,”

“The solution to that disagreement is democracy,” Lessig said. “We should begin the long discussion about how best to reform our democracy, to restore its commitment to liberty and a Republic, by beginning a process to amend the Constitution through the one path the Framers gave us that has not yet been taken — a Convention.”

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  • www.thejewelofdemocracy.com

    All this discussion about persons is getting us nowhere but out on a limb which will inevitably be cut off and then we have nothing to support us.  We need to concentrate on the specific problems we have, regardless of how they came about.  Then we need to evaluate each candidate to see who is most likely to be capable of solving each problem, how he or she would do it, and would they be motivated enough to do it? Then decide who will be the best at the most.

    We must not let the candidates dictate the contents of the discussion.  We must make them answer our questions, not theirs. How many will be honest and say, “I don’t know the answer to that question but I know how to select the right people to help me find that answer. Then I know how to decide which answer is the best.”

    Don’t let them muddy the waters.

  • RalphK.

         Be wary of Perry.

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  • Sharalyn_58

    Do they think this will make them seem intelligent? 

  • Dondre

    The Libs will shut it down or shout it down. They will not let these terrorists speak a word.

  • Anonymous

    Forget a convention. We’ll be obligated to allow Leftists in the door.  Just wait until after 2012, or 2014 at the latest, and send the proposed amendments to the states directly from a TEA Party controlled congress.

    d(^_^)bhttp://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/”Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • duke26

      Won’t work. Until the Democratic party undergoaes the same revolutionary scale reform there will never be 2/3 of both houses to propose an amendment. You have to remember that of the the thousands (literally) of amendment proposals in Congress, only a couple dozen were sent ot the states for ratification, and only 27 were ratified (and ten of those were the Bill of Rights) You’re dreaming if you think the Tea Party alone can bring about any amendment proposal to the states. Even after having nearly a hundred in the House and a couple in the Senate, they have made practically no real dent on the legislative process, once you render it down to the salt. Not to say they have’nt tried and haven’t had an effect for the public, but as far as Washington? I think the recent budget legislation sums it up pretty well. We forget about a convention then we are forgetting about the Constitution. Article V was a gift from the Founders to give the people a path around a tyrannical Congress. Read its history.

      • Anonymous

        I beg to differ my friend. The problem with the convention idea is there is no definition on HOW to convene, HOW to assign influence. You can count on the Leftists to exploit every loophole in the chaos to stock the pond of a convention. The “fair and balanced” “compromises” that a convention would produce as the only alternative to deadlock would be as useless as the legislation from the 111th you have contempt for. Not to say the debate wouldn’t be useful. It certainly would be. But as far as being actionable, the Conservative Ascendancy will need to capture effective control of Congress – and I believe it will by the 113th at the latest.

  • erick1740

    Nice, Deval patrick is responsible for the murder of a young american by an illegal immigrant. Way to go democrats. This is what you get with democrat policies, they will kill us all.  Patrick should be impeached, he is a moron and a clueless criminal.