Krauthammer: China power play to dominate Western Pacific ‘the obvious coming threat’

The Pentagon Wednesday released its annual report to Congress that revealed some eyebrow-raising claims that deal with the rise of the Chinese military. But what does that mean to the United States?

On Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer interpreted the report to mean that China is looking to challenge the United States, but not necessarily on a global basis right away.

“Well, look, I think what is important here is to understand that there are two questions with China: the capacity — its capacities and its intentions,” Krauthammer said. “And everybody pretends its intentions are obscure. It is not. It’s obvious that China wants to dominate its region.

“It might be a question as to whether ultimately it wants to challenge us on a global level the way the Soviets did in the Atlantic and other places. But if it happens, it’s half a century away.”

Instead, Krauthammer suggested that China wants to take on the United States’ presence in the Western Pacific, where it is the dominant power.

“What we are talking about is now and the next decade or two,” he explained. “Obviously it wants us out of the Western Pacific, which we have dominated. It’s our waters. It’s our pond and China is developing all these weapon systems, which would be a way to deny us access.”

“You’ve got the cyberspace, the outer space, the surface ships, the submarines, the aircraft carrier, the ship to ship missiles, the J20 fighter,” he continued. “All of these would be weapon systems that would make it difficult or dangerous for America to enter the waters.”

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  • Small Thoughts

    China has 5 times the population of the U.S. Its people are intelligent and hard working. Once they rid themselves of their extremely corrupt government, China will rule the world. Instead of crying and threatening about te situation, let’s get ready for the inevitable.

    • Camerajim

      They have held that “population” advantage for thousands of years. What makes you thiink they can, with their current form of government, develop a free market, capitalist republic better than the U.S. did? They can’t. Unfortunately, it is becoming more clear day by day that we will never reclaim that mantle. EVER. 

  • Old Guy Bob

    Krauthammer is late to the party.

    Read  Robert Kaplan’s “Monsoon:The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power” – published last year.

  • kingfish


  • Cga

    The PRC has been working on this for years.  They now have so many surface to surface missiles facing Taiwan that I doubt a carrier task force could operate there in a shooting war situation.  The US carrier task force has been the ultimate guarantor of Taiwan independence since 1949.  Japan, which has historically been a hostile counterweight to China, has been effectively neutered.  Not a lot of samurai around anymore.  And as mentioned below, there are 50 million excess Chinese bachelors at or approaching military age.  If the PRC moved against Taiwan, what could we do?  We’re not going to use unconventional weapons, and our conventional forces would risk being overwhelmed by misiile attacks.  I think we would just let them do it.  That will destroy our authority in the area, which is what the PRC wants anyway.  Look for them to push some type of reunifcation of Taiwan within the next 10 years…

    • blinded1

      ‘Taiwan independence since 1949’?
      Since fled to Taiwan in 1949 until 1978, the Taiwan government then ruled (as well as by now) by GMT remained it is the ONLY legitimate government of China, Taiwan and mainland included. Have you, or anyone else, see someone seeking independence from oneself?

  • Bad Karma

    Charles gets easily swept up by the Military-Industrial-Complex’s latests PR ploy to deflect the coming cuts. China is experimenting with aircraft carriers!!!! The US did that too–in the 1920’s.

  • Anonymous

    Red China wants control of the Western Pacific and it has 50 million Chinese boys who will never find girls because communism aborted them all. (V.P. Biden is O.K. with that) China will soon run U.S. and there won’t be a f**king thing once mighty America can do about it… the ultimate flashmob.


    I’ve seen Krauthammer on various panels on TV.  He seems to be consistently wrong on most issues and predictions. He desperately tries to spin things around to his conservative viewpoint and obstinately clings to positions that were proven wrong time and again.

    • Anonymous

      Ignorance is bliss.

    • Nccapn79

      Perhaps instead of making a blanket statement which has no evidence to back it up, you could dig a little deeper into your and provide evidence/date that backs up your claim. Where has he been consistently wrong? You say he’s wrong on most issues, that means you have several examples…. please share.

    • Jono

      You seem to live in a bubblewrap world.