Republicans use CBO report to slam Democrats for slow job growth

House Republican leaders used the new economic forecast from the Congressional Budget Office Wednesday to criticize their Democratic counterparts for slowing the creation of jobs.

“The bottom line in this underwhelming report [is that] … President Obama’s policies are continuing to make it harder for the private sector to create jobs, and that’s continuing to make it harder to balance the federal budget,” Speaker of the House John Boehner wrote in a statement.

“Instead of giving a campaign-minded speech on jobs next month, the president must … break sharply with his past policies, abandon his reliance on short-term fixes and ‘stimulus’ spending gimmicks that are driving up the deficit and spreading uncertainty, and begin a bipartisan effort to remove government barriers that are standing in the way of long-term private-sector job growth,” Boehner wrote.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan wrote in a statement, “This reports confirms again that years of reckless overspending have not produced the economic growth or the jobs that the President promised and that American families need.”

“Earlier this year, House Republicans passed a plan that puts our budget on the path to balance and our economy on the path to prosperity. … [but] the President and his party’s leaders remain unwilling partners in advancing real reform,” Ryan wrote. (RELATED: CBO report: Higher taxes, lower spending projected to reduce deficit)

The Republicans’ focus on jobs, rather than deficits, reflects recent polling that shows swing voters are more concerned about high unemployment than high deficits.

  • epicjourney

    Yes, Dems need to stop their partisan politicking and concentrate on the good of the country – something I know they are not used to doing very often.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HM54MNQ4BGSENYPNSUK2XDLY4Q Neils & DebbieC

    Joe Steel – You so eloquintely forget that its a 16-20 year Democratic controlled legislature that set this stage. It stretches back to Bill Clinton administration when the mortgage market began its oversightr decline and de-regulation leading to the currnet debacle that Americans now have paid for at least 2x its original estimates,+ continuing! You can blame a WHOLE 4 years, broken into 2 segments, but the fact remains that your buddies Barney Franke, Maxine Watters and Chris Dodd, are the main culprets for the deregulation legislature that opened the barn doors and the horses escaped. AS for the bail outs? While I don’t agree, past legislature, the Fed chairmen and the Central Bank Chairmen have cited that the banks were too big to fail, while all the while meaning that we citizens are too small to succeed! Get a grip, study your history, read the legislation, study its authors and render an opinion that is meaningful and QUOTE FACT!