Cheney’s dog was banned from Camp David lodge for attacking Bush’s dog

Former Vice President Dick Cheney recounts an amusing tale in his soon-to-be released autobiography about how his dog, Dave, was banned from the main lodge at Camp David for attacking the president’s dog, Barney.

A source provided The Daily Caller with a copy of the passage in Cheney’s book, “In My Time.”

In the text, Cheney writes that Dave, his one-hundred-pound yellow Labrador, often joined him on trips to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

But Dave got himself into some trouble one particular morning when Cheney brought him along to breakfast at Laurel, the lodge where most official meals and meetings take place.

“No sooner had we walked inside did Dave catch sight of the president’s dog Barney,” Cheney writes. A “hot pursuit” then ensued.

The dogs ended up in the dining room, as the spouses of several cabinet members — including Joyce Rumsfeld, Alma Powell, and Stephanie Tenet — ate breakfast. (RELATED: War on Terror president re-tells the 9/11 story as he lived it)

At that point, President George W. Bush appeared and demanded to know: “What’s going on here?”

“It was not an unreasonable question,” Cheney wrote in his book.

The vice president was able to calm Dave down by giving him a pastry from the breakfast buffet. He then grabbed the dog and took him back to the cabin where he and his wife, Lynn, were staying.

“I hadn’t been there long when there was a knock at the door,” Cheney recalls. “It was the camp commander. ‘Mr. Vice President,’ he said. ‘Your dog has been banned from Laurel.’”

Copies of Cheney’s book don’t go on sale until Tuesday.

While early leaks of the autobiography have played up tensions between Cheney and other members of the administration, the source says the book is actually complimentary of Bush and of most of the people who worked for him.

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  • Davein29

    I always knew Cheney’s dog was tougher than Dubya’s!

  • Jim-Wauwatosa-WI

    As a doggie parent of many Scotties I think Dave was banned for his own protection. Scotties have razor teeth like a Doberman or a Pit Bull and would tear a Labrador to pieces with push came to shove. They are sweet little dogs unless riled by another dog. They only dogs that seem to intimidate them are Rottweilers.

  • http://profiles.google.com/07gibsonlp Brian Witowski

    Say what you want about Cheney. They guy has a heart of iron. 275 open heart surgeries, 118 heart attacks and the guy won’t go down. I’m impressed!  I had one bypass surgery and it was the most overwhelming event of my life. For a year after that, every time I felt a twinge in my chest I thought I was dying. The panic and anxiety attacks were horrible. This guy has b@lls.

  • doncicciofitipaldi


    • Tim

      Wow, it must be true.  You wrote it in ALL CAPS.

  • http://twitter.com/tuffymonkey toni hayes

    just another evample of President Bush protecting “all of us”     WOOF!