Coulter still pushing Chris Christie — Perry ‘too much like George Bush’ on immigration

This month Ann Coulter, the conservative columnist and author of “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,” said Texas Gov. Rick Perry would not live up to expectations, and predicted that the Republican base would be clamoring for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run in 2012. Two weeks later, Coulter is sticking to her guns.

Although Perry has since rocketed up in the polls, on Thursday night’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Coulter offered one of example of why Perry won’t live up to these expectations: His stance on illegal immigration.

HANNITY: Who do you like for president now? Do you like Perry? I’m about to leave. Do you like Perry?
COULTER: He needs a little work on amnesty, but I think there’s a corpulent governor in New Jersey who would really fit the bill right now.
HANNITY: Oh my gosh – you are obsessed with [Chris] Christie.
COULTER: I’m right.
HANNITY: Alright – is he going to run?
COULTER: Yes as soon as people hear more about Perry’s views on amnesty. If amnesty goes – I mean, he’s just a little bit too much like George Bush
HANNITY: What is Christie’s views on immigration?
COULTER: He’s a governor of New Jersey. He hasn’t come out for amnesty.

Media reports have surfaced over the past few days documenting Perry’s stance on immigration, one that many say could cause him problems during the 2012 election cycle. Christie, by the way, did offer his thoughts on illegal immigration back in 2010.

According to a July 1, 2010 Politico report, Christie expressed his opposition to strict state-by-state immigration statutes like the one implemented in Arizona at the time. “Without border security, enforcement of existing laws and a ‘clear’ path to legalization for immigrants,” Christie explained, there would never be a solution.

  • Manoflargeappetite

    Anything but that.  I hate that word.
    I’ve been called rotund, portly, flabby, but I draw the line at corpulent.
    But I digress…
    On Perry, I do agree that he’s too much like Bush on immigration.
    I think that he sees things in black and white, like Bush did.
    Maybe it’s a Texas thing.
    In any case, we don’t need another Bush!!!

  • paco

    Be careful what you wish for. If you are over 65 and might possibly need to sell your house to move into assisted living or a retirement community some day, who will be there to buy it? That’s part of the problem right now with housing — little new family formation.
    If you are under 50 and want to collect social security some day, who will be there to pay it?
    Don’t be so quick to condemn immigration — legal or otherwise. What we need to do is make it easier to immigrate and tighten up requirements for citizenship that would encourage assimilation. Make English the official language. Eliminate requirements for interpreters for government meetings and  for government forms to be in multiple languages. For illegal immigrants, ban any transfer payment (welfare, food stamps, etc.). Then create a path for citizenship for those who stay given these stipulations.

  • http://www.seanchaimedia.com Westernreader

    Just finished reading “First Lady Blues” by Riley James; great spin on government overreaching. 

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Czaja/1441893339 Stephen Czaja

    Christie is a big fat blowhard bully. I don’t really care if Coulter endorses him. She writes a nice book but chooses her men badly. Annie? can you spell RINO. There now. all better.