Survey: Women, youth drift away from Obama

Among all unmarried women, the Democratic advantage has declined from 40 points in 2008 to 28 points in August, said the report. The advantage among white unmarried women has dropped from 20 points to a mere 4 points. In 2010, white unmarried women broke for the GOP by 8 points.

The Democratic advantage among youth was 30 percent in 2008, but has dropped to 16 points in August. Their advantage among white youths was 13 points in 2008, but is now a disadvantage of 5 points, said the report.

The report’s numbers also suggest that these RAE voters may not vote as much as they did in 2008. Only 22 percent of the RAE group is “extremely interested” in the pending election, compared to 32 percent of other people.


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  • http://minpalmsresort.com/ Mindoro Palms Beach Resort

    “…such as African Americans, Women, Youth, Latinos, LGBT, Veterans, Asian Americans and others.”
     So that is why this: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/White-House-may-miss-VFW-meeting-2145324.php

    WTG bambam. PFFFTTTT! Why do these people think that if they said it- it is? Even if their deeds are out there for everyone to see and it is the opposite… we taxpayers must be that stupid. BTW– am Asian, woman, and maybe I also qualify as “other”.. I wonder what else “other” could be? I am very imaginative and am not liking where my brain is going!
    So I will wait for them at my door— welcome to my parlor said the spider… 

  • R J Weber

    If the present occupier of the White House thinks a veteran will vote for him he is nuttier than a fruit cake after saying service people should have to buy their own insurance while on duty overseas in service and thought that they would buy that crap!

  • Anonymous

    I hope the young people who voted for this BOZO are beginning to see what a complete empty suit they voted for.  We have college graduates working as Waiters because they can’t find jobs in their field.  He is TOAST in 2012!  Good riddance.

  • Northcountry

    Sorry…can’t see it. Republicans just don’t like, youth, people of color or women.

    • Anonymous

      at is one dumb post. 

    • clw

      Yeah bcz that’s not a completely disingenuous, uninformed, blanket stereotype.

  • Patrick Henry

    The electoral math is indisputable.

    A Democrat cannot be elected POTUS without strong majorities in the female and youth vote. Has never happened will never happen. End of story, if this holds Mao’Bama is TOAST.

  • Anonymous

    NO ONE is standing over your shoulder to tell you how to vote and reports it to obamanation.
    It makes no difference, you will continue to get your welfare check, food stamps, etc.
    Obamanation forever a slave to big government.

    • flips

      White people are the largest group on welfare. Look it up.

      • Anonymous

        I did not say any thing about race. 
        Welfare is a slave to big government…..

        • clw

          That’s just his pre-emptive racial stereotyping and race-baiting.

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  • Anonymous

    Listen, no matter what he does, no matter how much it hurts black people, no matter how much it effects their kids or how bad it is for America, they’re going to vote for him again. They can’t not. He’s black and if he turned out to be a mass murderer, they don’t care. “I’m votin’ for the brother”…….so don’t even consider that a black person, weather it be a thug on the street or Colin Powell, can or will vote against a black.

    • Northcountry

      You may be right but look at the alternatives….Pretend Christian, old white people who don’t care about people of color, the young or women.

      My bet is Obama gets 4 more.

      • flips

        The GOP’s base is solely built on the resentments of old white people which have been stoked by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and FoxNews. 

        They think they are the only “Real” Americans.

        • clw

          My daughter and son are 24 and 23. They are registered Independents, they don’t watch Fox News, Rush or Hannity, they don’t carry water for either party and they are conservatives. They probably have more black friends than you do, and they don’t got to church. The pre-conceived generalizations you have about people is mind-numbing in it’s idiocy, and you are exactly the type of person to perpetuate stupid sterotypes to people who don’t know any better not to listen to you. When you continually bash people thinking that they are part of the “older”,  “vast right wing conspiracy” “TEA Party”, or “GOP” just because they don’t care for Obama, you are only deluding yourself. As Independents, we sit on the sidelines and laugh at you, because the actual target of your hate is alot bigger and broader than you think. FYI, iIt’s called the silent majority, and it’s not just the “GOP”.