Limbaugh on hurricane hype: a ‘media desire for chaos’

Although it has claimed 29 lives to date and flooded countless square miles of the northeastern United States, Hurricane Irene didn’t quite live up to some breathless predictions. Was this a case of “better safe than sorry,” or media opportunism?

On his Monday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh accused the news media of building up Irene out of their “desire for chaos.”

“It was a rainstorm and there was a lot of flooding and there were deaths associated with it,” Limbaugh said. “But they hype — folks, I’ll tell you what this was, was a lesson. (RELATED: Damage from Irene appears to be less than feared)

“If you pay any attention to this, they hype — the desire for chaos, I mean, literally — the media desire for chaos was a great learning tool. This is a great illustration of how all of the rest of the media in news, in sports, has templates and narratives and exaggerates beyond reality creating fear, so as to create interest.”

Limbaugh also said this “national embarrassment” had political implications.

“Folks, it’s a national embarrassment, the hype over this hurricane,” he said. “What we have with the media — I’m going to tell you something else — Obama comes off of vacation to lead his nation to the response of Hurricane Irene, to draw contrast with Bush and Katrina. [It’s] part of the re-election effort.”

  • Freedonia

    Or its just, you know, a president doing his job

  • igaile stizenBilly_Goat

    The “media” have 24/7/365 mandate to generate relevancy and profits.  That’s what all you unbridled capitalists favor.  If the public policy that led up to and followed this hurricane were anything other than spot on, you baggers would be the first ones blaming Obama for no heeding the word of god. 

  • Go Obama 2012

    Rush is overqualified to talk about the media using narratives and exaggerations to create fear, ‘so as to create interest.’  I think it was an appropriate response across the board by government. The media is guilty of over-hyping the story as they do with most things. However, informing and notifying people when there’s an obvious and serious threat of flooding isn’t hype. God must have set this up for Obama to be in Martha’s Vineyard when Irene hit. Wow, the President decided to get involved and do his job and Rush is whining like a baby about it. Obviously Irene is part of the re-election effort.

  • Johhnyboy

    While the media may have been a little overzealous with their coverage and hype. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared for a potential disaster. While the wind damage from this storm was minimal, the flooding and those that lost their lives as a result of it is something that can not be dismissed. 

    At least Obama came off his vacation and understood the ramifications of not preparing this storm seriously.. Unlike the moron Bush who treated Katrina like a bunch of gnats that just annoyed him- oh wait, that’s what he did with Bin Laden prior to 9/11. He did absolutely NOTHING for Katrina. 

    Rush is nothing but a pumpkin headed, insipid, pompous, posterior of a donkey who needs a dose of humanity. 

  • Anonymous

    POTUS wanted to be able to say he saved the day.. that’s the reason for all the hype. We all know that.  After all, he did cut his vacation short by 12 HOURS !!!!!!!!!!