‘Scream 4′ actress headed to Sarah Lawrence College

“The Art of Getting By” star Emma Roberts is about to take a stab at higher education. According to celebrity news site Just Jared, the 20-year-old niece of Julia Roberts has enrolled at private liberal arts college Sarah Lawrence.

“I’m leaving for New York tomorrow to attend my very first semester of college,” the “Scream 4″ actress told Just Jared on Sunday. “I’m studying English literature and couldn’t be more excited!”

When Roberts starts classes the week of September 5, she’ll hop on the long list of famous folks who have attended the school. Television reporter Barbara Walters, “The Color Purple” writer Alice Walker, fashion designer Vera Wang and “The Family Man” actress Tea Leoni were all educated at Sarah Lawrence.

Roberts isn’t the only east coast college-bound starlet. “I Am Sam” actress Dakota Fanning is reportedly about to begin her first year at New York University. As reported by NYU Local, the 17-year-old blond has enrolled — under her legal name, Hannah Dakota Fanning — at the urban university. (MORE: Report: Dakota Fanning enrolled at NYU)

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  • enforceimmigrationlaws

    why is this news?

  • Zhuhhhhh

    My Best friend told me ~~ Affl·uent·Sin·gle.C óM  ~~. If you have worked hard for your Milli onaire status and want to meet people of the same class, if you want to enjoy a mil lionaire lifestyle, you may try it. Hope you will end your single life there. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Drop the Arts and just say liberal college.  Sarah Lawrence is the poster child for Indoctrination U. In the 4 years my daughter attended there was not a single opposition voice on campus.

    • yaniv kenner

      good! lets keep it that way.
      conservatives in liberal arts are like littering paradise ( or whatever metaphor you wanna use)

      • Anonymous

        What an incredibly ignorant thing to say, but just what I would expect from someone who obviously doesn’t want to be exposed to any real debate on the issues.

    • Gene

      I’m sure you’re daughter heard enough conservative talk from you for years to make up for it.
      Maybe that’s why she went there.