DeMint: ‘The president should pick another night’

South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint threatened Wednesday to object to President Barack Obama’s requested jobs speech before a joint session of Congress on Sept. 7.

From his hometown of Greenville, S.C., DeMint issued a statement saying that “the president should pick another night.”

“Frankly, we’ve had enough speeches from the President,” DeMint said. “If he has a jobs proposal, put it in writing, give us a cost estimate, and send it over. I want to read the bill, not listen to talking points off a teleprompter.”

Obama requested that House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid assemble a joint session of Congress on Sept. 7, a setting where the president wants to deliver a much-anticipated speech laying out his plan to address jobs and the economy.

A Republican presidential debate sponsored by Politico and NBC News is scheduled for the same night. Boehner responded in a letter asking the president to consider Sept. 8 as the night for the speech. (RELATED: Boehner requests that Obama delay jobs speech)

“I’m planning to watch the Republican primary debate on the evening of September 7, and the President should watch it too,” the DeMint statement read. “He will hear job creation ideas that don’t involve more wasteful stimulus spending. And he’ll hear ideas that don’t include job-destroying tax hikes.”


  • daezy

    America needs more Jim DeMints.

  • sbrown10

    Jim DeMint is typical of the good ole’ boy southern cracker.  I would like to see any of you work in an environment where everything you do is filibustered because of party politics.  Maybe you should ask Detroit if our president knows what he is doing.  DeMint is on record saying “let the auto industry die”.  GM and Chrysler are surging now.  They would be dead if the Repubs had their way.  
    I am so sick of a political party that puts country LAST.  President Obama is not perfect but at least he is not selling the country to the highest bider like the Repub congress. 
    I know you American Taliban want the country to fail under our president’s leadership.  You may want to take a closer look at your hate.  I know your comeback will be mommy’s computer etc. but I am a successful businessman who has earned everything I have.  Call me old fashioned but I stand behind our president, unlike you treasonous, pernicious, lame excuses for human beings.    

    • passerby

      lol, wake up. Obama had 2 years with both chambers of congress, no opposition and got everything he wanted passed. Look at the result. How is that hopey changey doing for you.

  • Anonymous

    Hey lucifer666;
    Is your threat  of violence going to be via the pussy anarchists or the blacks raising hell like they are in Milwaukee,Philly, DC, Atlanta? If obama isn’t re elected, will it be Rodney King thing all over again, attacking white folks for being white? We have had a bellyfull of Obama’s blame game and the race card being thrown at every turn, Then the hoodlums at the “Black Caucus” threatening the conservatives (RE white folks) with violence, be carefull what you wish for. There are a lot of Americans in the Red States that will not take this crap. If there is a fight you want a fight you will have.

  • duetry

    The only speech I am interested in from Obama is his resignation, which should be today.