Matt Lewis

Huntsman’s jobs plan would repeal Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes/Oxley

As Amanda Carey noted earlier, Jon Huntsman is about to unveil a new jobs plan in New Hampshire.

Details are beginning to emerge, and according to my sources, Huntsman will place a heavy emphasis on rolling back onerous regulatory regimes — President Obama’s health care overhaul and financial regulatory reform bill Dodd-Frank chief among them — that stifle the entrepreneurial and creative class.

In his debate debut earlier this month, Huntsman blasted the Environmental Protection Agency’s “regulatory reign of terror.” And the plan he’s slated to unveil today would block new measures the agency is angling to impose, like its ozone standard revision and joint fuel-efficiency rules.

But the EPA isn’t the only federal agency to earn scrutiny in Huntsman’s plan, which calls for curbing excess “independent” government agencies. The National Labor Relations Board stands to be replaced, and homeownership subsidies will be dramatically scaled back through the privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Those agencies left standing will be forced to adopt a framework of cost-benefit analysis before imposing any new regulations.

Huntsman will also push for a repeal of Sarbanes/Oxley.

Check out Huntsman’s new web an job creation: