‘Lost’ actor charged with punching woman

Matthew Fox should be feeling pretty lost and humiliated right now, as the “Lost” star has been charged with brutally beating a female bus driver.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the mother of three Heather Bormann sustained injuries from Fox after she refused to allow him onto a private bus party. Bormann, who says she did not recognize the celebrity when he tried to enter the gathering, claims he started “swinging on her” and reeked of booze.

“He smelled like a liquor cabinet, like a bar,” Bormann explained to the newspaper. “I told him, ‘Sorry, buddy, this is a private party. You have to get off my vehicle.’ I told him three times. He never said a word. He just looked at me.”

Bormann says she has bruises all over her body and that she assumed Fox would stop attacking her, so when he didn’t, she chose to hit him. After a blow to the mouth, Fox reportedly fell into a fence but got up to fight Bormann again. Bormann went to Fairview Hospital for her wounds, but Fox reportedly did not receive medical attention. According to the site, Fox was detained, quickly released, and taken back to his hotel in a taxi.

A driver for five years, Bormann says she intends to press charges against the Hollywood big-name.

“But by the time I got home, it was all tears,” Bormann said. “He really scared the crap out of me.”

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  • LBJ

    Her 15 minutes of fame! What a stupid cow!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/NMLA3IP3VOTEFE56MLBFBKO2GY The Kingfish

    What Would Locke Do?

    • BicFlair

      Throw a Bowie knife into her…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JTL42G4FXZTR4CUWSNS5BHZ3EY L D

    “Fox was detained, quickly released, and taken back to his hotel in a taxi.” Why? Because of social justice cops who think actors are so much better than anyone else!

    • LBJ

      Why? Because he didn’t do anything! people like you jump to the most exciting conclusion. That’s why women’s magazines do so well. They are full of crap but crap is more exciting than real life…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-McNeil/1639803847 Michael McNeil

    Take a look at her Facebook Page…Tell me what you think.  I think the woman is a liar liar pants on fire…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JTL42G4FXZTR4CUWSNS5BHZ3EY L D

      stop defending violent misogynist manics you friggin fan boy suck up

      • BicFlair

        The broad is a beast and I’m sure she the missing link.  Take a look at her picture, clitwit.

  • Gene

    Disappointing to hear, if it’s true.