Carville: White House ‘out of bounds’ in speech kerfuffle

Yesterday’s Congressional denial of a presidential request to speak before a joint session was unprecedented. And even Democratic talking head James Carville now says the responsibility falls squarely on the White House for making the call in the first place.

On ABC’s “Good Morning America”  Thursday, Carville joined his former Clinton administration colleague George Stephanopoulos to say there were no winners in the he said/he said skirmish between the White House and Speaker of the House John Boehner. Instead, it reinforced the view that Washington, D.C. is fundamentally dysfunctional and broken.

“[T]he last thing that the White House needed was to appear to cave in to the speaker and that’s what happened,” Carville said. “The last thing the Congress needed and the White House [needed] was to have a spat that looks like they couldn’t resolve anything.”

Carville dismissed the possibility of Obama’s proposals being enacted, reasoning instead that the president’s policy ideas would help with his 2012 re-election bid:

“This Congress is not going to pass anything that the president proposes. That’s pretty clear. Speaker Boehner said he got 98 percent of what he wanted in the last deal and the House Republicans are just not going to do it, so get whatever you do, get something that you’re going to stick to and run on it in 2012. It doesn’t matter if it’s little or small, it’s not going to pass.”

The former Clinton adviser said ideally he would have liked to see the high-stakes battle of a joint address and a Republican presidential debate on the same night, but the White House’s proposal was unfair.

“It would have been very interesting to see the Republican candidates respond almost in real-time to what the president said. Now they’ll have a day to get ready and prepare for it. I thought that would have been a good solution to this and where no possible conflict with football or anything else. But that’s not going to happen. And I do think this is a really big debate, and I think the White House was out of bounds in suggesting — in trying to schedule a speech during a debate.”

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  • Victory69

    What I have to ask is, is anyone really that interested in what James Carville’s opinion is?  Yawn.

  • truebearing

    When James Carville is sounding like the voice of reason in the Neo-Commiecrat Party, look out!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MEPCBGBV3ZRTEJMVEG7UUMALHI DontBStupid

    Carville and Alan Colmes both look like space aliens.  I’m just saying that’s what they remind me of..

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Obama and his crew probably thought they were being clever when they tried to ‘overbook’ the date for his latest campaign speech.  They didn’t realize that what we all saw was arrogance; a “let’s make the Republicans move for us’ attitude that came back to bite him in the hind-quarters.

  • Ocarter

    Carville reminds me of an inexperienced sperm asking directions to the nearest fallopian tube.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MEPCBGBV3ZRTEJMVEG7UUMALHI DontBStupid

      That figures he does know it’s the egg he’s suppose to aim for just like his leader clueless!!

  • Loony

    Was there ever any doubt that Obama would backpedal?

    We need to stop partisan rhetoric (and blame the republicans.) – Obama

  • G B Pooler

    to have Carville say anything negative toward a democrat makes me wonder if there is something to the 2012 end of the world doomsday people!

  • Patriot1

    All this slander coming from the party of the KKK.  The party that opposed civil rights viciously.  The party that introduced Jim Crow laws, filibustered civil rights, 3/5 law and important but ignored, the GCA68 which is the Gun Control ACt of 1968 which targeted poor people by banning the 32 special known as the Sat night special.  It was to work toward disarming the civil rights protesters and leave them vulnerable to Authorities, democrat racists in other words.  I have called several politicians and will continue to do so while demanding an apology for their slander and tell them who formed the KKK and which party was proudly called the “Party of White Supremecy” in their dark and ugly history.

  • terryatrae

    Scheduling the ‘Joint Session’ against the Well Documented and Well advertised Republican Debate was just another of this administrations “Open and Transparent” Gotcha’s…I have Little doubt in my mind that Mr. O’Bama placed this address when he did to make a SHOW of the UNYEILDING Opposition to his regime, I mean Administration. The O’Bama Dog and Pony Show STARRING the biggest Phoney, I mean Pony in the Herd…Muhammed Hussein Soros O’Bama….
    Mr. Blitzer is calling it a RACIST MOVE by saying it was due to “the color of his skin.” Mr. Blitzer is starting to make me think that ALL Democrats are truely members of the Old White Southern Gentelman’s Club…..either as leaders of a paid hand….