How federal regulations are making college ‘risk management’ lawyers rich

NCHERM is also bankrolling a new group called SCOPE, the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators, which, according to its website, “embraces an ecological, inclusive, holistic, feminist, public health, evidence-based and multi-disciplinary vision of prevention.” It’s based in another Philadelphia suburb and includes all three NCHERM partners on its board, and you pay to join that too.

And then there’s NaBITA, the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association, another organization that 1.) you pay to join ($169 per year); 2.) is based at the same address as NCHERM and ATIXA; 3.) is run by the partners of NCHERM; and 4.) runs expensive conferences you pay to attend. (Although, for the 2010 conference, you just went ahead and made your check out to NCHERM.) It also has “partners” (i.e., advertisers) that pay a fee to be featured on its website.

It’s an open question whether the federal government’s new regulations will do anything to reduce sexual assault on campus; OCR’s move is at least as likely to produce more false findings of guilt as it is to help colleges find more of the right people guilty. But it’s a dead certainty that the new regulations are making a small number of lawyers a huge amount of money — money that you end up paying through your tuition and tax dollars.

Robert Shibley is the senior vice president of FIRE.

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  • Scrap Iron

    Maybe if the schools were not dependent on federal money, this would not be an issue.
    I mean, what the hell is the tuition for?

  • Steve

    I’d rather have my son’s college pay $2500 to send an employee to a 4 day conference where they’re going to learn something about Title IX compliance than pay Snooki $30,000 for a 45 minute “lecture.” 

  • Anonymous

    This is so completely nauseating that I don’t know where to begin–except to recommend everyone go to thefire.org to see more on college PC insanity.

  • alimonyslave

    My divorce attorney charges $350/hr. Ex’s $450. When these two shysters call one another over my drunk ex’s antics, it costs me hundreds. I have come to hate lawyers with a passion I didn’t know I possesed. Shakespeare was too easy on them.

    • Lawyer

      What does your doctor charge per hour?  Run the numbers

      • alimonyslave

        My doctor keeps me alive. The lawyers make me wish I was dead.

        • Anonymous

          “Lawyer” is pwned!!  Nice job!