Christie elected Vice Chairman of RGA

In yet another signal that he will not jump into the presidential fray, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie accepted the position of Vice Chairman of the Republican Governors Association on Wednesday.

Christie had been serving on the RGA’s executive committee and as the Policy Vice Chairman.

Despite continued rumors that Christie would jump into the race for the Republican nomination, this latest move may suggest that he does not intend to do so. (RELATED: Team Pawlenty awaits decision from Chris Christie)

As Brian McGovern of the blog Save Jersey points out, “You do not take an executive position in the RGA if you are going to run for President, you leave the RGA to do so.”

Indeed, Texas Governor Rick Perry recently stepped down as Chairman of the organization to run for president.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God!   This guy needs to go to Twinkie Rehab and lose about 200 more pounds before he even considers a run for higher office.  I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher.  He’s a rude bully with a chip on his shoulder.  Stay in Jersey, Christie!

  • Theveed

    Hu, Obama might consider tapping him to run on his ticket as VP. Put hin in charge of green jobs Im sure!
    fu(k that fat slob!

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Sachiko Jasmine Clark

    christie is not running… what surprising news!

  • notalone

    Good spot for Christie!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7H46Z3XYIFPHYYD6MCNY7HLNTY JEFFinOH

    If I hear this Lib christie say he’s not running for president 1 more time I’m gonna puke. He must really have this thing for attention. He’s always promoting himself on every corner news stand to youtube.

  • guest

    B McD and Chris Christie! That should be the 2012 ticket!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7H46Z3XYIFPHYYD6MCNY7HLNTY JEFFinOH

      A good match up for a Chris Christie ticket would be the ever incoherent John McCain