Why Vince Vaughn supports Ron Paul

If Vaughn’s famous movie “Old School” is about middle-aged men reverting to what they considered a better time in their lives, Paul’s belief that we should return to the Constitution reflects an earnest desire to rediscover the founding principles that first made this country great: individual liberty over collectivism; state and local solutions over Washington solutions; sound money over an increasingly devalued dollar; a strong national defense over a costly and irrational offense.

Such propositions are no longer radical to an American public that increasingly realizes politics-as-usual have failed to answer the most pressing problems of our day.

Paul’s philosophy of liberty poses a direct challenge to the status quo of both parties, and that philosophy is spreading — whether judged by Paul’s continued strong double-digit performance in most national polls, continued competitive fundraising or the dominance of his ideas in this election.

Indeed, by most measures, it’s safe to say that more Americans than ever are beginning to agree with Ron Paul. Vince Vaughn is simply another one of those Americans.

Jack Hunter writes at the “Paulitical Ticker,” where he is the official Ron Paul 2012 campaign blogger.