Top 10 funniest tweets of the week, Sept. 16–22

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

This week’s edition includes tweets about the new Facebook update, the Emmys, the Buffet rule and much more:

10.EliLake: For the single guys who want to impress a lady on a 1st date, try TGI Fridays. The Jack Daniels grill is classy but also neighborhood real.

9.CrowleyTIME: Doesn’t Ahmadinejad know poverty is a losing issue? He needs to pivot to jobs, draw sharp contrasts with ayatollahs. #UNGA

8. phil_rosenthal: This wouldn’t be happening with Facebook if the Winklevoss twins were in charge!!!

7. benshapiro: Best supporting actress should have gone to Christina Hendricks’ bra.

6. greggutfeld: Before u make that Downfall video, realize we don’t need another Downfall video

5. iowahawkblog: The UN is the geopolitical equivalent of YouTube commenters.

4. NoahPollak: Now Pals taking cues from JournoList RT @allahpundit: PLO official: Rick Perry is a “racist”

3. rickperryfacts If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Rick Perry.

2. jaketapper:I have long been in favor of the Jimmy Buffett Rule — tax breaks for margaritas

1. itrevormoore: Figures. The Emmys are completely ignoring Ron Paul.

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