Brit Hume: ‘Perry is about one-half a step away from almost total collapse’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s lackluster performance in his three Republican primary debate appearances has many conservatives scratching their heads, and wondering whether he really is the dream candidate many thought he was two months ago.

Analyzing the results of Saturday’s Florida Straw Poll on “Fox News Sunday,” Fox News senior political contributor Brit Hume said businessman Herman Cain’s victory may not mean very much, and that Perry’s poor showings recently may indicate his campaign is on the verge of  “total collapse.”

“Perry really did throw up all over himself in the debate at a time when he needed to raise his game,” Hume said. (RELATED: Hume on Obama: ‘Making a big speech right now is probably the last thing he should do’)

“He did worse, it seems to me, than he had done in previous debates. Romney was as strong as he has been lately. He has clearly raised his game in reaction to the emergence of Perry. It’s been good for Romney in a way that one might not have predicted … Perry is about one-half a step away from almost total collapse as a candidate.”

Later, Hume explained that the Texas governor’s position on immigration may be the most glaring flaw in his candidacy.

“I don’t think we’re being too harsh on Rick Perry,” Hume said. “He still has some opportunity to recover his balance and put in a strong performance. What was so strikingly troubling about — from a Republican point of view — about this performance was that Perry was thought of as a really true conservative. Now it appears he has got this position on immigration which is anathema to a lot of conservatives.

“So this really hurts him with the base. You can’t, you know — look at all the trouble Romney’s had. He’s got some trouble with the base. That’s what’s holding him back. Now Perry has got the same trouble so his weakness is very real indeed.”


Hume also warned that Republicans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a new candidate to sweep the field.

“It is still early,” Hume said, “but what keeps happening here is these people have a moment, and they get in the race as Perry did, [and] zoom to the top. Everybody’s in love, and then we get a dose of them in reality on a debate stage, or wherever, and they don’t seem so great.

“Now I am as impressed as the next person is by Gov. [Chris] Christie’s sort of tough-love governance in New Jersey. But who knows how he would fare on the national stage? He would arrive, you know, freshly minted from a governorship, having not spent all that much time on national issues. If he gets on a debate stage, he could screw up as badly as the next guy.”

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  • TotalCollapse.com

    The collapse is near…

  • TotalCollapse.com

    The collapse of Perry is near….

  • TotalCollapse.com

    Here comes the Total Collapse….


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  • Utep99

    Still way too early now is when you want to make your mistakes 90 days from now people will forget it. I would vote for Perry but his stand on immigration is way too soft. We need a leader not a isolationist Ron Paul and not a closet liberal like Romney. he is Bush Jr all over. After the elections are over the Dems will scream for cooperation. Did they give it when they had both houses and the Presidency? NO! We need a leader who is not afraid to tell the dems where to go and make immigration a hard issue. If they come in through the system great! If you want at that time US citizenship great welcome. But these people who sneak over do not do those who came over by way of the system justice. They are not the same and if you didn’t get here through the system then guess what your going home no food stamp no education.

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  • Freedomist

    Rick Perry may be doing what any candidate who wants to win: not take the large Latino voting block for granted. Ask Sharron Angle or Meg Whitman about the importance of the Latino vote. Had they not done so poorly with Latino voters, they may have won their contests. Although Rick Perry is not my first choice for President, Republicans should give Perry some slack on immigration issues if they what to defeat Obama in 2012.

    • zooed

      So what you’re saying is that every candidate for political office should bend over and spread’em to the Mexican mafia and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, IF they want to win? (i.e. Mexicans now control America politically?)  Just because the state of Mexifornia was the first casualty in the Mexican invasion does not dictate that every other state should drop their pants, surrender, AND elect Rick Perry. Are you surprised that Meg Whitman lost in the Illegal Immigration State?