Nikki Haley’s report cards draw harsh criticism from SC Democrats

South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley has been touring the state this week, doling out report cards that grade state lawmakers on issues like on-the-record voting, tort reform and sustained budget vetoes.

Haley released the report cards Monday, the same day she kicked off a series of town halls across South Carolina. During her election campaign last fall, she promised to hold lawmakers responsible for their votes so that citizens have a better idea of who to support and who to oppose.

Not surprisingly, her grades haven’t sat well with Senate Democrats, who all received Fs. They returned fire by giving Haley high marks for “pay-to-play” shenanigans, and failing grades for transparency, job creation and honesty in a press conference the same day.

Rep. Boyd Brown, a Democrat from Fairfield, may have had the most colorful quote in criticizing the governor.

“She’s been busy F-ing the rest of the state,” he told Corey Hutchins of the Columbia Free Times. “I’m not surprised that she F-ed me.”

Sen. Vincent Sheheen, her Democratic challenger in the last election, told The [Columbia, S.C.] State that his failing grade did not surprise him.

“I would have been disappointed with anything else. These report cards are typical of the incredibly partisan nature of the Haley administration,” Sheheen said. (RELATED: SC governor supports crippling ‘Un-American’ NLRB)

Haley defended her report cards, telling The State that, “They were based on pro-business, good government issues.”

“You have to hold legislators’ hands to the fires,” Haley said. “But when they do the right thing, praise them for it. It’s not easy to do. There’s a lot of pressure in Columbia.”

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