Reagan’s old PAC slaps Mitt Romney


They may not be the most powerful PAC in America today, but Citizens for the Republic (CFTR) — the political action committee started by Ronald Reagan in 1977 — and the same group that made news with their “Mourning in America” ad last year — has some harsh words for Mitt Romney.

“A vast majority of conservatives, as well as Republicans, have not embraced Romney, said CFTR’s executive vice president Bill Pascoe in a statement pushing back on the notion that Romney’s nomination is inevitable.

“His Massachusetts healthcare plan is the model for Obamacare,” said Pascoe, “and his record of job creation in Massachusetts is lacking.”

Pascoe also sought to remind us that Romney “declared in a 1994 debate with Ted Kennedy that he was ‘an Independent during the time of Reagan-Bush,’ and insisted that ‘I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush’.”


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