TOW-BAMA: N.C. GOP plans offer to tow Obama’s bus back to D.C. if he flies back to do work

North Carolina Republicans have an unusual political stunt planned for Monday, The Daily Caller has learned: They will arrive at President Obama’s events in the state with a giant tow truck labeled “TOW-BAMA: Flat Wrong For America.”

Republicans there will call on the president to fly to Washington, D.C., from North Carolina immediately, so that he can work on creating jobs and fixing the economy. The tow truck will represent an offer to tow the president’s campaign bus back “at no charge to the taxpayer.” (RELATED: Read the latest on President Obama)

The state GOP says Obama’s continued efforts to sell his “jobs plan” even after Senate Democrats rejected it shows how out of touch he is with Americans, and his interest in political campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime.

“It is clear that only President Obama likes this bill as it stands,” NC GOP chair Robin Hayes said in a statement. “The more the American people learn about it, the more they dislike it. The support in the congress is dismal at best. If the President cared about passing a real bill, instead of simply misleading the public by campaigning against Republicans, he would have stayed in DC and gotten a deal done.”

“This spending proposal will hurt an already damaged economy,” Hayes continued. “The President is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars campaigning on a political plan that has failed in the congress. He should cease his politicking, and fly back to DC immediately. If he does that, we’ll have a tow truck standing by to bring his tour bus back to DC for him, at no charge to the taxpayer.”

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