Top ten: The sexy women of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ [SLIDESHOW]

Wall Street protesters have entered their fifth week of “occupation,” and things are getting messy.

Autumn rains have muddied the makeshift campground in Zuccotti Park, and it’s been a while since some of the assembled activists have showered. But amid the despair and turmoil of what looks like a phony, inauthentic movement, there are glimmers of hope — in the form of pretty girls inspiring occupiers to stay the course.

These smoking hot anti-capitalists are drawing a lot of attention. One creepy guy with a long, long camera lens even created a tumblr account dedicated to the “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street.”

These protest muses are the real reason the occupation has lasted so long.  Here are our ten favorites.

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  • Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Fox finds the foxiest protester ever seen on the street. Forget capitalism. We're picketing Wall Street. EDITOR'S NOTE: The obvious inclusion of this protester was overlooked during research for this report. The involved parties have been fired, and TheDC apologizes for the disservice to America.
  • Yes, she probably out-yells everyone else in the sloganeering contest, but that’s what earplugs are for.
  • If this doe-eyed darling wants us to empty our bank accounts and declare out allegiance to the 99%, we just might do it.
  • No hot-girl protest inventory would be complete without at least one woman in blue. We’re betting she brings her own handcuffs.
  • The blood of the masses will be shed! We bleed for the revolu -- What’s that? It’s just a red shirt? Hot.
  • This short-haired cutie is channeling Katie Homes -- mercifully, without the Scientology leaflets.
  • This girl seems deep in thought, but the geek-chic eyeglasses look is bound to appeal to the computer nerds busily filming the revolution.
  • Can’t decide what to wear to the big protest? We have one word for you: paint.
  • Alternative-look? Check. Blue hair? Check. Edginess and wholesomeness in the same package? Check. (She must have splurged for a shower.)
  • This bashful blonde is a dead ringer for a younger Scarlett Johansson, before the nude photos.
  • This paint job drew looks from bankers and socialists alike. (Some things are universal.)