Coulter: Politico would not have published Cain story if he were white [VIDEO]

On the early Tuesday morning broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye,” show ombudsman Andy Levy took issue with the recent sexual harassment accusations against Herman Cain being called a “witch hunt” and a “high-tech lynching.” Conservative columnist Ann Coulter was having none of it.

“I am not a fan of racism when there is actual racism,” Coulter said. “When they say opposition to Obamacare is because Obama is black, yes: That is B.S. When they go after Clarence Thomas because they want to keep a pro-life justice off the Supreme Court, who happens to be black — their only defense of this rotten president is, ‘Oh Republicans are racist,’ and then bring the nonsense charges. The same thing that Democrats in the South accused blacks of for a hundred years: ‘Oh, the over-sexual black man’ and then they turned around a hundred years later and do the same thing. This is a high-tech lynching.”

Coulter really let loose when Levy asked if she thought the website Politico would have written a similar story about Cain if he were white.

LEVY: So you’re saying Politico would not have written the story if Herman Cain were white?

COULTER: I think they after — yes, I think they were him for that.

LEVY: Oh that is the just the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard in my life, Ann. Seriously?

COULTER: Really? Why didn’t Alito or Scalia get accused by the media?

LEVY: Politico would not have — you are saying straight-up Politico would not have written this story if Herman Cain were white?

COULTER: I’m saying horrible, angry, feminist women hate conservative black men because they can’t accuse us of racism for supporting, you know pro-life positions, or supporting Herman Cain over Obama. Yeah, coincidentally, the two utterly innocent conservatives who have been falsely accused are both conservative blacks.


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