Bad Night for Kausfiles


Bad night for kf: The case against special elections! I have a rooting interest in three contests this Election Day: 1) The Ohio vote to repeal Gov. John Kasich’s law restricting collective bargaining by public employee unions. I am in favor of the law.  If it loses, I will blame Kasich. Update: Blame Kasich. 2) The Ohio vote to oppose Obamacare’s individual mandate. I’m for at least attempting to implement Obamacare and fixing it where necessary (and it will undoubtedly be a mess)–which means I would vote against this attempt to register opposition. If it wins, I will blame Obama. Update: Blame Obama. 3) The attempt to recall controversial Arizona politician Russell Pearce, author of that state’s tough immigration law. Defeat of Pearce would send an unfortunate signal that those (including Chamber of Commerce types) who would kind of like a continued flow of illegal immigrant workers can win, even in Arizona. If Pearce loses, I will blame him. Update: Blame Pearce. … P.S.: If conservatives had won all these elections, of course, we’d see op-eds decrying government-by-initiative-and-recall under conditions where turnout is almost guaranteed to be low. We’ll now be spared those, at least for a while.  …

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