Top ten: Berlusconi’s babes [SLIDESHOW]

Silvio Berlusconi is Italy’s longet serving post-war prime minister. He’s been sworn in four times, and has been a big-name Italian player for more than 17 years — in politics and in the bedroom.

Known in his home country as Il Cavaliere (“The Knight”), Berlusconi has a well-known weakness for beautiful women, often paying in the tens of thousands of Euros for a night-long (or weekend-long) escape with lovely ladies in what is known as a “bunga bunga” party.

While this 75-year old may be an Italian stallion in the bedroom, his efforts to gallop his country’s economy back into health haven’t been so successful. On Tuesday, following a key budget vote, Berlusconi was asked to resign — and he obliged.

Though there were many (oh, so many!), we want to pay special attention to the women that may (or may not!) have helped keep this Italian leader large and in charge for so many years.

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  • Prostitute Patrizia Daddario, known to Berlusconi as "Treasure" and "Baby," was “taken aback by the prime minister's stamina, given that he has had prostate cancer,” the Guardian reported.
  • When Italian actress Elena Russo was out of work, she turned to Silvio Berlusconi, who loves appointing his former flings to esteemed positions. Russo became "the new face of Naples" and was hired to clean up the city's image.
  •  Ballerina Camilla Ferranti was a "showgirl" beauty who stirred up controversy when the married Berlusconi considered appointing her to his cabinet.
  • Following their elimination from the reality television show “I’m a Survivor, Get Me Out of Here,” Berlusconi gave 27-year-old twins Imma and Eleanora De Vivo jobs as weather girls. It really is who you know, not what you know.
  • Veronica Lario Berlusconi is Berlusconi's second wife of 20 years and mother to his two children. They started their love affair after he saw her topless on stage -- while he was still married to his first wife.
  • Berlusconi said once of model-turned-politician Mara Carfagna that "If I was not already married I would have married her immediately."
  • Fiery Angela Sozio is famously pictured sitting on Berlusconi's knee during a weekend getaway with four other women.
  • Eleonora Gaggioli made a name for herself as a TV star before she was outed as one of Berlusconi's girlfriends in a sex tape.
  • Noemi Letitzia celebrated her coming of age with a party thrown by the prime minister, and a 6000-euro gold and silver necklace. Her name for the Italian head-of-state? "Papi."

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