Krauthammer: Occupy protesters will scatter or governments will ‘kick them out’

The “Occupy” movement turns two months old next week, and some activists are hinting at big plans. But Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer doesn’t believe the movement will continue for much longer.

On the Friday broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Krauthammer compared the media coverage of the movement to the treatment of the tea party movement, and concluded that occupiers have one distinct flaw: no central philosophy.

“The media treatment of ‘Occupy’ was positive initially, as in contradistinction to coverage initially of the tea party, which was to demonize them or marginalize them,” Krauthammer said. “But I think in terms of the substance, the future of ‘Occupy’ doesn’t have a future.”

“It doesn’t have a core,” he said. “It doesn’t have a philosophy. It doesn’t have a program.”

Krauthammer predicted that the protests would end in one of two ways.

“I think that what is going to happen is, when the weather is tough in the Northeast and Midwest, they will scatter like leaves,” he predicted.

“And on the West Coast, in San Francisco, Portland, Oakland,” he continued, “where liberal governments have tolerated them, the tolerance will run out and they will eventually, probably rather soon, have to crack down and kick them out.”


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