Fox News anchor: ‘What is up with the Shake Weight?’

It is possible Fox News Channel’s Gregg Jarrett isn’t in on the whole “Shake Weight” joke. The product was parodied by NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” a few years ago. In an on-the-scene report of Black Friday shoppers aired on the Fox News Channel, one gentleman indicated he was camping out for the Shake Weight and it caught Jarrett’s attention.

“The Shake Weight — everyone else is going for those TVs, but I’ve been camping out here since 8 a.m. for that Shake Weight for my dad. He said he wants to get better at exercising,” an unidentified shopper said to Fox News on its Friday broadcast of “America’s Newsroom.”

Jarrett’s co-host Heather Childers told him he was getting a Shake Weight from her for Christmas. And that inspired Jarrett’s response, suggesting ignorance of the whole Shake Weight put-on.

“Like what is up with the Shake Weight?” Jarrett asked. “Does that work? Does anybody know? Dan, our floor director, says it doesn’t work. I trust him.”


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